Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1286 - This feeling of being beaten is too familiar

Chapter 1286: This feeling of being beaten is too familiar

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“How… how is this possible…”

All the members of the Fearless Alliance looked at each other, bewildered, with shock and terror on their face.

They were members of the Fearless Alliance and were fairly senior members, so they were somewhat familiar with the president’s martial art techniques.

Back then, the president said she was going home to visit her parents but fell out of contact and never showed her face again.

The Fearless Alliance expended a great amount of manpower and time to search for their president, but unfortunately, no progress was made over the years.

Seven Star stared at the girl intently, bewilderedness and uncertainty brimming on his face.

“You… You 1 are… Sir President?!” A member of the Fearless Alliance stared at Ye Wanwan, shock and amazement all over his face.

The expression of the elderly man sent into the air with a finger from Ye Wanwan drastically changed as a trail of blood dripped from his mouth.

Based on the strength and angle from the finger method used just now, this girl was very similar to their president.

“You… you…”

Back then, he frequently acted as the president’s training partner, so when this girl attacked him, he felt like he traveled back to the distant past when he was the president’s training partner many years ago.

This feeling of being beaten was too familiar!

“P-president…” the elderly man called out in disbelief as he shakily walked toward Ye Wanwan.

“President… is it you…?” The man absent-mindedly looked at Ye Wanwan with mixed feelings in his eyes.

Ye Wanwan attacked completely out of her instincts at that moment of imminent danger just now. When she wanted to continue, her mind turned blank again.

In her anxiousness, she saw the people from the Fearless Alliance staring at her and calling her “President.” She was instantly dumbfounded.

She naturally knew that the president of the Fearless Alliance was that legendary, extremely vicious and wicked Bro Flattop who went missing for many years.

What did these people and that evil-looking elderly man mean by calling her “President”?

A thought came to Ye Wanwan’s mind. When she ran into those people who were expelled from the Fearless Alliance in China, they also thought she was the president of the Fearless Alliance…

Could there really be similarities between her and the president of the Fearless Alliance?

Otherwise, people wouldn’t keep mistaking her for the Fearless Alliance’s president.

Countless thoughts flashed through Ye Wanwan’s mind in this short moment, and she swallowed back all her questions.

If she denied she was the president of the Fearless Alliance, she and everyone from the Zhou family would die for sure.

Since they thought she was the president of the Fearless Alliance…

Why wouldn’t she go along with it…

Then, she’d not only save the Zhou family, but she’d also survive.

Ye Wanwan’s expression shifted when she thought up to this point.

Although she had no idea how the president of the Fearless Alliance acted, she could make some guesses at Bro Flattop’s personality based on the rumors.

She was going to die anyway, so why not take a risk?!

It was time for her to exhibit her true skills.

After Ye Wanwan heard the elderly man calling her “President,” she put on a careless expression and distastefully glanced at the elderly man. “What the heck are you calling for?!”

The elderly man seemed to grow more certain after seeing the girl’s distasteful expression and walked toward Ye Wanwan staggeringly. “T-this subordinate was useless… and couldn’t even block a single attack from you… Please forgive me, President… It’s not that I disobeyed the president’s instructions and concentrated on practicing my martial arts, it’s just… it’s just that I’m truly too old…”

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