Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1287 - You’re really Sister?

Chapter 1287: You’re really Sister?

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The elderly man explained with trepidation as he bent down and carefully peered at the girl. He continued to admit his wrongs. “President, this subordinate was blind and failed to recognize your venerable identity…”

An astute glint flashed through the elderly man’s eyes and he asked, “However, why didn’t you… state your identity just now, President?”

As expected, they weren’t so easy to deceive! He was testing her!

Ye Wanwan guessed Bro Flattop’s mindset. Since she didn’t return after having fun for so long on the outside, she either had an accident or hadn’t had enough fun and didn’t want to return.

And so, Ye Wanwan clicked her tongue. “State what identity? You can carelessly eat things, but you can’t carelessly say things. Who said I was your president?”

If Ye Wanwan directly claimed to be their president, they might not believe it, but if Ye Wanwan suddenly did the opposite and denied it, they would be surprised.

The elderly man was dumbfounded as expected and turned grievous, as though he was about to cry. “President, stop playing! Who else but you could use that move just now?! This subordinate absolutely wouldn’t mistake the feeling of being beaten by the president! Since you’ve returned this time, I beg you to stop running off again, President!”

“Because you left for too long, your appearance must’ve changed greatly over the years, so this subordinate couldn’t recognize you at first! Please pardon this subordinate, President!”

Ye Wanwan finally revealed an exasperated expression at losing her disguise. “How troublesome!”

The elderly man hastily flattered her with a bootlicking expression. “You’re probably the only one who’d dare to pull out a gun in the Independent State, President… How could I have missed that…”

The elderly man was a bit upset at himself as he said that. If he discovered these details and recognized the president earlier, he wouldn’t have had to suffer a beating…

“You…” Seven Star foolishly looked at her.

Ye Wanwan had just relaxed when she noticed Seven Star and all her hair stood on end immediately. This youth wasn’t someone to be trifled with and was harder to handle than this elderly man.

Ye Wanwan tried to steady her mind. Her lips curled, and she calmly looked at the youth.

“You… are really Sister?!” Seven Star walked forward, an unnoticeable glint surfacing in his eyes.


Ye Wanwan was surprised. What… Seven Star of the Fearless Alliance was the president’s younger brother?

Biological brother or sworn brother?

Regardless which kind, should she change something about her speech and tone toward a brother…

Based on the Fearless Alliance’s style, its president, Bro Flattop, had to be someone vicious and evil. What kind of attitude did this type of person hold toward her brother…

Ah, the feelings were a bit hard to guess…

“Seven Star, what, you don’t recognize Sister?” Ye Wanwan changed her speech after some contemplation and added some gentleness and longing but didn’t remove her imposing quality.

It should be this kind of feeling, right…

Ye Wanwan’s heart raised to her throat. A single misspoken word could lead to her death.

Seven Star stared at her and looked down wordlessly with a complicated expression.

The other members of the Fearless Alliance also bustled with discussion.

“She must be our president, Bro Flattop… Otherwise, how could she know Bro Flattop’s unique martial art methods… Back then, Seventh Master begged the president to teach him a few moves, but Seventh Master couldn’t learn it after half a year even with his talent…” a certain member said excitedly.

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