Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1285 - Is this woman a freak?

Chapter 1285: Is this woman a freak?

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There were two things at hand that exceeded Ye Wanwan’s expectations.

First, the elderly man really wasn’t afraid of death and never relented.

Second, her gun… seemed to be broken…

According to Ye Wanwan’s plan, the elderly man would definitely pee in his pants and fall to his knees when she counted to one, and she would fire at empty air. Then she would take control of the situation and frighten the Fearless Alliance.

However, while her imagination was perfect, the reality was a bit cruel?

“Excuse me… Hold on…”

Ye Wanwan quickly opened the ammunition clip and discovered there weren’t any bullets in the clip.

It was only now that Ye Wanwan remembered that she bought a gun for self-defense but didn’t equip the bullets, so afterward… it seemed she lost the bullets in the sea…

The Fearless Alliance and spectators all looked at Ye Wanwan, and the atmosphere grew a little embarrassing.

Ye Wanwan donned a serious expression when she saw how the elderly man’s face was so dark that it nearly dripped ink. “Old man, look, you’re already so old and your limbs are strained, so why are you running around and crying for murder every day instead of enjoying a retired life at home? It’s not right…”

“I merely used this toy gun to help you liven the atmosphere and pull a small prank on you. Old man… you’re so old and have a leg in your grave already. You shouldn’t be so serious with a young person like me, right?” Ye Wanwan continued.

The Zhou family: “…”

Fearless Alliance: “…”

Seven Star: “…”

The spectators: “…”

“Forget it. In consideration of your young age and immaturity, I won’t make you pay today. Leave.” The elderly man sighed and shook his head.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes brightened. “Old thing… No, old man, are you for real? You’ll let me leave?”

“Heh… young girl, I’m also joking with you.” The elderly man had an icy smile.

“Old man, you’re a bit mischievous…” Ye Wanwan’s eyes examined every inch of her surroundings, preparing to flee for her life at any moment.

“Die!” the elderly man angrily shouted and swung a fist at Ye Wanwan with everything he had.

“So fast!”

Ye Wanwan’s expression drastically changed when she felt the strength and speed behind this elderly man’s fist.

Ye Wanwan instinctively felt an extreme sense of danger and couldn’t react or counterattack this punch at all.

At that moment, her mind turned blank and her body instinctively leaned to the left. Her figure looked nimble and fleeting, like a colorful butterfly fluttering into a dance, her path sly and elusive.

In the next second, Ye Wanwan raised a finger instinctively again and mercilessly pressed it against the elderly man’s head.

A loud “Boom” was heard, and the elderly man’s figure flew into the air, as though a train at full speed slammed into him.

The people from the Fearless Alliance watched in disbelief as the elderly man’s figure slammed into the Zhou residence’s iron door and even made a big dent in it.

At this, the spectators were all aghast.

Is this woman a freak…?!

Ye Wanwan herself was dumbfounded.

What did I just do?

An older member of the Fearless Alliance looked at Ye Wanwan incredulously. “How… how could this be possible… It’s… it’s the president’s unique body technique and finger method…”

Seven Star was also astonished.

The body composition of the president of their Fearless Alliance was a bit unusual. She was strictly trained since she was young, so Bro Flattop’s martial arts moves and killing techniques were all tailored to her. There wasn’t a second person in this world who could learn it.

Even if they tried to learn it, they couldn’t use the techniques with the same power as their president…

Seven Star kept finding this woman especially familiar earlier for some reason…

Could it be…

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