Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1284 - Not my rules

Chapter 1284: Not my rules

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“Okay… Okay okay, calm down. I’m putting the child down.” The elderly man looked like he feared being killed by a slight misclick.

Soon, the elderly man placed Qiuqiu on the ground lightly.

Madam Zhou immediately went up and took Qiuqiu into her arms.

“Ha ha, Miss, why were you so suicidal and insisted on carrying a gun… Look, I did as you said, can we peacefully talk now…” the elderly man said with a light chuckle while raising his hands.

The members of the Fearless Alliance also stopped what they were doing. This was the first time that someone dared to pull out a gun in public in the Independent State…

“What, aren’t you fearless… Don’t you fear nothing? Are you afraid now?” Ye Wanwan’s face was extremely cold as she pressed her gun against the elderly man’s head.

The coldness and killing intent in the girl’s eyes caused the elderly man to be startled for some reason. “Miss, the rule of our Independent State…”

“Don’t freaking talk to me about the rules of the Independent State. Those are your rules, not my rules!” Ye Wanwan coldly said.

Suspicion flickered through Seven Star’s icy eyes again when he heard her words…

This girl…

“Hahahaha… okay… okay! It’s really been a long time since I’ve encountered such an interesting child…” The elderly man was briefly taken back before he broke into loud laughter.

Ye Wanwan frowned and watched the elderly man vigilantly. “Immediately leave the Zhou residence with your people!”

The elderly man’s face chilled gradually as he enunciated each word clearly, “Miss… my patience also has a limit… Worse comes to worst, I’ll trade my life for yours. I’m a member of the Fearless Alliance; I’m not afraid of death. You should know our Fearless Alliance’s modus operandi!”

Every member of the Fearless Alliance was renowned for being unafraid of death. Ye Wanwan had heard about this in her casual chat with the Zhou family.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t believe people could really be unafraid of death. He had a gun pointed to his head but he was still unafraid?

“You better be that brave… I’ll count down from three. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll fire,” Ye Wanwan told the elderly man expressionlessly.

If this was a few days ago, Ye Wanwan wouldn’t have been able to imagine herself pointing a gun at the head of a member of the Fearless Alliance and threatening him.

I must’ve eaten a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall to get this courage…

However, the situation had progressed to this point, so she had to persist even if she was terrified to death.

She knew she would be devoured without a bone left if she showed the slightest bit of weakness in front of these people!

From the moment she chose to enter the Independent State, she knew what it meant to be here. She was on her own for everything, and no one could help her.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath and counted down coldly.




When Ye Wanwan counted to one, she clicked the trigger without any hesitation.

However, to her surprise, the elderly man really wasn’t afraid of death. His back stayed straight and he calmly faced death!


Bang bang!

Ye Wanwan pressed the trigger several times, but there was only the sound from the trigger without a single spark from the muzzle.

The entire surroundings grew silent. It was so silent that even the beating of everyone’s hearts could be heard.

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