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Chapter 1274 - Tyrannical patrician family

Chapter 1274: Tyrannical patrician family

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In the last month, the Fearless Alliance issued a Seven Kill Order to six different martial-arts patrician families. Anyone who received a Seven Kill Order would be eradicated by the Fearless Alliance within seven days without fail. Now, four families were already eradicated by the Fearless Alliance, and two remained.

“Ey… Why doesn’t the Martial Arts Union eliminate a power like the Fearless Alliance… They’re simply a pest!”

“Eliminate? How could they? The Independent State doesn’t have a rule or law about this. The Fearless Alliance didn’t use any firearms or disobey the Union’s rules. According to the Fearless Alliance, this was a personal enmity, so the Martial Arts Union can’t manage it. Anyway, who’d be willing to provoke the Fearless Alliance?”

“The members of the Fearless Alliance are all fugitives, and they’re a bunch of lunatics who don’t care about their lives! Do you believe that if the Martial Arts Union dared to stick their nose in the Fearless Alliance’s business, the Fearless Alliance wouldn’t dare to wage a war with the Martial Arts Union?!”

Ye Wanwan stood on the side and was rather interested at the mention of the Fearless Alliance. She recalled the strong men she encountered in China.

Those strong men used to be members of the Fearless Alliance but were expelled because they spared a dog or something like that…

After Ye Wanwan eavesdropped on the talk around her, she gained a basic understanding of the Independent State’s current situation.

On the surface, the most powerful factions in the Independent State were the four great martial-arts patrician clans—Nie, Ji, Ling, Shen—who controlled nearly half the Independent State’s resources. These four great clans were the tyrants of the Independent State on the surface, and everyone knew about them.

Amongst them, the Ji family was a bit unique in that the heir of the Ji family was also the emperor of Europe’s entire underworld.

Of course, the four great clans were merely the tyrannical patrician families of the Independent State on the surface. There were also many hidden and mysterious ancient martial-arts patrician families secluded from the world.

There was also an official faction in the Independent State aside from the four great clans. All of the rules were established by this official faction—the Martial Arts Union!

The Martial Arts Union was responsible for menial duties like evicting outsiders and checking permits. Even the four great clans couldn’t shake the position of the Martial Arts Union.

Aside from the martial-arts patrician families, the most distinguished part of the Independent State was the Mercenary Academy.

The Mercenary Academy was completely different from schools in normal countries. The Mercenary Academy trained cold and heartless mercenary experts. Many mercenaries higher than level S—AKA the legendary mercenaries on the international mercenary chart—were trained by the Independent State’s Mercenary Academy.

After gaining a basic understanding of the Independent State’s situation, Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but marvel at the Independent State. The Independent State was probably an utterly unique entity in the entire world.

Ye Wanwan suddenly realized that there was a family surnamed Nie among the four great tyrannical martial-arts patrician families of the Independent State…

She wondered whether the Nie patrician family had anything to do with Nameless Nie.

However, no one would probably believe her if she said Nameless Nie and his group had anything to do with the Nie family based on their impoverished looks.

Ye Wanwan didn’t think too much about it though. Even if Nameless Nie was related to the Nie family, it sounded like something from a fairytale for her to come into contact with someone on the Nie family’s level.

A tyrannical patrician family of the Independent State couldn’t be visited by just anyone.

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