Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1273 - Bro Flattop returns to the great grassland

Chapter 1273: Bro Flattop returns to the great grassland

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Ye Wanwan was utterly clueless about the Independent State. She previously looked for information related to the Independent State on the internet back in China, but she didn’t find anything.

Around noon time, Ye Wanwan entered a city-resembling region.

The buildings in this city in the Independent State were very similar to those in China. There was heavy traffic, a crisscrossing of streets and an endless flow of people, creating a bustling sight.

Rather simple and unadorned weapon shops could be found on any spot on the street, and she even saw a half-naked man holding an iron hammer, striking raw iron into shape.

Ye Wanwan walked and stopped, intense curiosity hanging from her face as though she discovered a brand new world.

Although the Independent State had a very similar style to China, there was something innately different between the two. The martial arts culture was very intense and vibrant, so the Independent State carried an old and historical martial arts air, and some signature buildings had a more western style, like the arena, the beast combat arena, etc.

Ye Wanwan could sense an extremely unique, foreign culture as she walked through the Independent State.

“Is this Tangtang… and Nameless Nie and his group’s hometown…? Ye Wanwan murmured as she surveyed her surroundings.

It had to be said that this was quite a mystical country.

A moment later, Ye Wanwan stopped in front of a restaurant. There was a strong fragrance of food emanating from the restaurant. It was only then that the starving Ye Wanwan realized she hadn’t eaten in two whole days.

When she rode the ferry to the Independent State from a neighboring country, she barely ate anything out of seasickness. Later, the boat had an accident and Ye Wanwan jumped into the sea, losing everything—her ID and bank cards and such—in the sea, except for a gun.

She was penniless right now; even beggars were probably richer than her.

She was in a foreign country, lost everything, and hadn’t eaten for two days… Was there anything more frightening than this? Of course there was! This foreign country was… the Independent State!

Soon, she saw some men and women wearing strange white clothes with a very solemn-looking emblem hanging on their chests and the giant characters “Martial Arts Union” printed on their backs.

“The official personnel of the Martial Arts Union has been showing up a bit more often in the last few days…”

Some pedestrians stopped walking when they saw the members of the Martial Arts Union and they took out their Independent State permits.

“Some time ago, some outsiders smuggled in and were discovered by the Martial Arts Union, so they’re checking more diligently.”

“I don’t think it’s just about the outsiders. The Fearless Alliance has been rather busy recently and six nearby martial-art patrician families were given a Seven Kill Order by the Fearless Alliance within a month.”

Many pedestrians’ expressions drastically shifted when the Seven Kill Order was mentioned.

Fearless Alliance was an extremely notorious union in the Independent State, but it had an extremely terrible reputation. Even the four great clans of the Independent State weren’t willing to provoke it, let alone the normal martial-art patrician families.

The most prosperous period of the Fearless Alliance was probably seven years ago. Under the leadership of the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop, the Fearless Alliance became a haven for fugitives, and countless malicious and evil people fought between themselves to join the Fearless Alliance. Moreover, many years ago, a group of extremely senior SS-level mercenaries who never followed the mercenary rules also joined the Fearless Alliance…

However, in recent years, the strength of the Fearless Alliance drastically dropped after the disappearance of the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop, and was nothing like it was in the past. Even so, the words “Fearless Alliance” were still thunder to the listeners’ ears, akin to a nightmare, in the Independent State…

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