Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1272 - She has a fiancé?

Chapter 1272: She has a fiancé?

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The next few days were a taxing adventure. Ye Wanwan changed several planes, crossed the great ocean, and lost count of the number of ships she rode.

She swore she never knew there was a place on earth that would take so much effort to reach…

The nearest countries to the Independent State didn’t have any flights to the Independent State. It wasn’t even on the map!

Whether it was entering the Independent State or leaving it, there were only three methods.

The first method: ferry.

The second method: private plane.

The third method: swimming… About 81 days in the sea would do.

“Independent State! F*ck! You!”

Ye Wanwan wrung the water from her clothes at a cave in some mountain.

She really swam. From the coast into the sea and all the way to the Independent State…

The ferry had an accident at the last moment, and the boat tilted and slowly sank.

Then the ferry’s staff contacted the rescue team of the Independent State.

Ye Wanwan had no choice but to jump into the waters.

She wasn’t dumb. She didn’t have a permit to enter the Independent State… The rescue team would probably kill her when they arrived.

Thankfully, the accident location of the ferry was just several hundred meters away from the Independent State.

After reaching the shore, patrols and hounds covered the coast and harbor, serving as customs agents.

Ye Wanwan saw that everyone entering the Independent State showed their permits.

Without a permit, Ye Wanwan’s only option was to flee into the nearby mountains.

Inside the cave, hunger and fatigue enveloped her.

Ye Wanwan’s passport, ID card, bank cards, and etc were all lost at sea, and all that she had on her was the gun she bought for self-defense from a neighboring country of the Independent State.

Although the Independent State banned every kind of firearm, she didn’t plan to throw the gun away.

First, she didn’t have a permit. Second, she didn’t know anything about the Independent State, so she felt more confident with a gun on her. She would be a fool to throw it away.

After some time, Ye Wanwan felt her eyes grow heavy and she fell into a deep sleep.

Many scenes surfaced in her dreams. Grandpa’s blurry face… and some very strange but also incredibly familiar faces.

In her dream, she seemed to have seen an extraordinarily looking and beautiful man who looked like he walked out of a painting…

And that man was her fiancé, who had been engaged to her since she was young…

She trailed behind that man every day, but that beautiful smile akin to a spring breeze didn’t have any warmth in it. He permitted her to approach but never showed any other emotion toward her.

She wanted to be with him for the rest of their lives, but he merely treated her like a child and considered her a younger sister.

The grief and sadness in her dream were too real, so much so that Ye Wanwan felt her heart throbbing in pain.

In the end, she left him and went far away.

She went to many places, met many people, and did many ridiculous things…

She later met another person…

It seemed to have been an amorous encounter too…

Although this “amorous encounter” wasn’t that cute, their interactions made her feel really warm…

Ye Wanwan woke up the next morning at dawn.

She opened her eyes and felt pain rippling through her head. The salty smell from the ocean water covered her body.

She wanted to try her best to recall her dream from that night but couldn’t recall anything no matter what.

Intuition told her that her dream was very important to her, but she helplessly couldn’t recall anything from it.

After she felt slightly better, she got up and left the cave, entering the forest.

She didn’t know what region this forest belonged to, but it wasn’t too large thankfully, so Ye Wanwan managed to leave the forest after half a day.

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