Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1271 - I’m special and gifted

Chapter 1271: I’m special and gifted

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“Didn’t you stutter?” Ye Wanwan asked Feng Xuanyi with a frown.

If Feng Xuanyi wasn’t a stutterer, then why did he pretend to be a stutterer in the Si family? And how could he explain his terrifying martial arts skills?

“I stutter.” Feng Xuanyi looked at Ye Wanwan. “I just cured it. My wage is $50,000 a month as the head captain of the Si family’s hidden guards, so isn’t it easy to cure my stuttering?”

“What about your martial art skills then?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“I’m special and gifted, a rare genius in the world. Plus, I worked hard perseveringly, so I finally became an expert… This is all very reasonable, right?” Feng Xuanyi said after pondering it.

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched at Feng Xuanyi’s explanation.

Couldn’t he make up a better excuse? Why was it so full of holes…

“Do you think I’m an idiot?” Ye Wanwan was speechless.

“I don’t. I’m telling the truth.” Feng Xuanyi took another drag.

Feng Xuanyi’s expression turned slightly off at Ye Wanwan’s overwhelming suspicion.

Without waiting for Ye Wanwan to say anything more, Feng Xuanyi hastily said, “I’m the head captain of the Si family, I don’t have time to chat with you… I have an ongoing mission still, so I have to go back now… There’s a lot of trouble on the outside lately, so don’t run around needlessly.”

Feng Xuanyi escaped without a trace instantly.

After Feng Xuanyi disappeared into the depths of the forest, he put out his cigarette, a chilly glint in his eyes.

Those three people just now weren’t assassins sent by Si Mingli. They came from the Independent State, and if he was correct, they might be related to that fake Second Miss…

However, Feng Xuanyi still couldn’t figure out how other people knew about Ye Wanwan’s existence.

Could it be that someone leaked the news out and let someone know Ye Wanwan was the Second Miss of the Nie family, so they acted upon it…

Feng Xuanyi guessed that the higher-ups of the Nie family purposefully got someone to pretend to be the Second Miss, Worriless Nie, and infiltrate the Nie family. They wanted to use the fake Second Miss to obtain some very tempting benefits…

Second Miss Worriless Nie left the Nie family when she was young and rarely returned home, so she didn’t see Madam Nie and the patriarch a lot. Moreover, Worriless Nie went missing for many years. A young woman would look very different from the little girl she once was, so it would be very difficult to identify Worriless Nie based on her looks, providing some people a chance to take advantage of this situation for personal gain.

When Feng Xuanyi saw that assassins from the Independent State specifically came to China from the Independent State to assassinate Ye Wanwan, he knew this matter was extremely serious.

Who leaked the news of Ye Wanwan being Worriless Nie?

And who had they leaked it to…

And who was it that had no scruples against taking Ye Wanwan’s life all the way in China…

“Could it be…”

A figure surfaced in Feng Xuanyi’s mind, causing his expression to darken.

Before Feng Xuanyi though too deeply about it, he suddenly recalled that Ye Wanwan said she was about to head to the airport…

“Sh*t… She can’t possibly be going to the Independent State, right?!” Feng Xuanyi’s expression drastically changed.

He stayed in China precisely to protect Ye Wanwan. There was clearly someone from the Independent State who wanted Ye Wanwan’s life, so if the mastermind discovered Ye Wanwan was in the Independent State, she would truly be in a perilous situation from all sides. No one could protect her if anything happened!

Ye Wanwan originally wanted to chase after Feng Xuanyi and interrogate him, but he was too fast and disappeared without a trace in an instant. Her pursuit was futile.

Ye Wanwan had no choice but to turn around and head to the airport. There wasn’t much time left before the boarding time for her flight, so she would have to wait until she returned from the Independent State to find an answer for Feng Xuanyi’s current state.

When she arrived at the airport, her timing was perfect and Ye Wanwan successfully boarded the plane.

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