Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1275 - Are they all so friendly?

Chapter 1275: Are they all so friendly?

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Ye Wanwan stood in her spot and suddenly sensed something amiss.

The gaze of a member of the Martial Arts Union kept lingering on Ye Wanwan.

Soon, the Martial Arts Union member walked toward Ye Wanwan and surveyed her briefly before asking, “Which region are you from?”

Ye Wanwan was startled.

She just arrived at the Independent State, so she didn’t know anything about the different regions of the Independent State. How could she name a region?

The man frowned slightly at the lack of response from Ye Wanwan. “Your permit?”

An ominous feeling crawled over Ye Wanwan instantly. She didn’t give that man from the Martial Arts Union any time to react and fled faster than she had ever run in her life.

How could she have a permit from the Independent State? How great was it that she was caught red-handed by a member of the Martial Arts Union? If she couldn’t show a permit, the consequences were unimaginable. She might even lose her life…

There was no way Ye Wanwan would foolishly stay and argue with a member of the Martial Arts Union. This was the Independent State; she wasn’t so naive that she thought she could successfully bluff her way out of a pickle with the Martial Arts Union…

“I found a suspicious person!” the man shouted behind him.

Immediately, the members of the Martial Arts Union chased after Ye Wanwan in groups, and every member was extremely fast.

Although Ye Wanwan was fast, she was still too slow compared to her pursuers. If things continued like this, she’d be caught before long.

In her haste, Ye Wanwan ran quicker but a few seconds later, she slammed into the figure of someone in front of her.

“Who are you?!”

The man who was slammed into had a deep frown as he looked at the person who ran into him with displeasure.

However, he was briefly taken back when he saw the girl’s appearance and felt his heartbeat speeding up.

All those women who thought they were stunningly beautiful all became ordinary to him; the difference between these women and her was like day and night.

She didn’t have any make-up on her face, but her bare looks were already astonishing. Her flustered appearance elicited an inexplicable desire for him to protect her.

“I’m sorry… Are you okay?”

Ye Wanwan asked with a furrow of her brows as she looked at the nobly dressed man in front of her.

“Oh… Oh, I’m fine. It’s nothing. My bones are rather strong. Did you get hurt?” the man asked.


Um, why are the people from the Independent State different from what I imagined?

Are they all so friendly?

She ran into someone, but he didn’t blame her at all and started asking about her wellbeing instead. It appeared that the Independent State was quite a nice place, except for that Martial Arts Union…

However, the reality was that appearance was universally important no matter where a person was…

“Sorry, I need to go…” Ye Wanwan reflexively looked behind her and her expression shifted when she saw that the members of the Martial Arts Union were about to catch up to her.

The man followed her gaze and looked behind her.

“The investigation team of the Martial Arts Union…” the man muttered with a pensive expression.

This investigation team was mainly responsible for eliminating outsiders and checking for Independent State permits. Since she was being chased by the investigation team like this, she either didn’t have a permit or she was an outsider.

Based on how this girl was being pursued, she was most likely an outsider.

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