Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1240 - Is she actually my sister

Chapter 1240: Is she actually my sister

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“Fine fine fine, I’ll pretend you drank too much. We’ll talk when you’re back. No more today,” Madam Nie said.

“Worriless Nie, immediately, now, this moment, apologize to my friend,” Nameless Nie told the girl behind Madam Nie.

“Mom… look at Eldest Brother…” Worriless Nie looked at Madam Nie with an aggrieved expression.

“It’s useless even if you call dad! Apologize!” Nameless Nie nearly roared.

This roar caused Madam Nie to sigh. “Worriless, apologize to Miss Ye…”

Ye Wanwan lightly coughed. “Forget it, forget it… It’s nothing…”

She didn’t expect Nameless Nie to be so protective of her that he would even argue with his family.

She couldn’t allow Nameless Nie’s relationship with his family to turn so stiff. Moreover, that woman was Tangtang’s biological mother…

“What? Forget it?! I said apologize, so f*cking apologize. Boss Ye, do you want to humiliate me, Nameless Nie, and slap my face?!” Nameless Nie instantly glared at Ye Wanwan.

“N-n-no… Whatever you say… Whatever you say…” Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. She had never seen Nameless Nie fly off the handle. Today truly widened her horizons. He… was like a different person from how he normally was…

“Miss Ye… I’m sorry… I wasn’t in the right mindset before. I hope Miss Ye will forgive me,” the girl said to Ye Wanwan.

“It’s fine…” Ye Wanwan smiled uncaringly.

“Bye then, if there’s nothing else!” Nameless Nie instantly ended the video call as soon as the girl apologized.

However, after ending the call, it appeared that Nameless Nie’s anger wasn’t extinguished yet, and he immediately called Tangtang back.

When Madam Nie saw that it was Nameless Nie’s video call, she originally didn’t want Tangtang to accept it, but Tangtang accepted it at once before Madam Nie could say anything.

“Uncle,” Tangtang called while looking at Nameless Nie. This was probably his most sincere use of “Uncle.”

“Give the phone to your grandma,” Nameless Nie said.

“Okay…” Tangtang knew Nameless Nie was still in volcano mode so he cooperatively handed the phone to Madam Nie.

“Ancestor, what do you want now?!” Madam Nie felt her head aching when she saw Nameless Nie’s face.

“Mom, what’s the deal with Worriless Nie? Is she actually my sister?” Nameless Nie asked.

“What do you mean?” Madam Nie was startled.

“What do you mean what do I mean? Exactly what I said! How did Worriless Nie turn into such a b*tch? I want nothing more than to slap her a few times and she even pretends to have been mistreated in front of me. She is purposefully acting like that in front of you! That daughter of yours – she absolutely wouldn’t show it to us if she was really mistreated, so let’s not even mention fake mistreatment. Is she a fake?!” As Nameless Nie said this, he looked at the girl who still looked extremely aggrieved in the video.

“How could you talk about your sister like that?!” Madam Nie angrily questioned him.

“How could you not know your daughter’s personality as her mother? Birthmark or whatever, it can be faked! Even DNA can be faked!”

“Mom, I’m telling you, go through more channels and check a few more times. If she’s really a counterfeit, I’m gonna beat her to death when I come back. If you don’t investigate thoroughly, I’ll personally investigate it myself when I’m back.”

“If she’s the real one, where’s that wild man? Who’s Tangtang’s father?! Anyway, I won’t say anything more to you. Worriless Nie—I’ll call you this for now—watch out! If I learn that you dared to pretend to be my sister, wait for death! I have more channels than the entire Nie family. How can me, the Great Buddha, be unable to differentiate whether you are the real or fake Six-earedMacaque 1 ?”

Then, Nameless Nie ended the video call without waiting for a response.

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