Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1239 - He’ll beat anyone except for himself

Chapter 1239: He’ll beat anyone except for himself

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In truth, Ye Wanwan could understand Madam Nie’s words. If she was in Madam Nie’s place and saw Tangtang didn’t have a harmonious relationship with his biological mother because of her, perhaps she would do the same thing…

However, for some reason, she could feel a faint pain stinging her heart, as though someone was slowly slicing it with a blade.

“Are you done?” Nameless Nie suddenly stood next to Ye Wanwan with a solemn expression.

“What do you mean?” Madam Nie frowned.

“I’m asking you if you’re done,” Nameless Nie said. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I dare you to say it again.” Anger surfaced in Madam Nie’s eyes.

“I’m speaking to her, not you, Mom. Don’t interfere!” Nameless Nie turned to the aggrieved girl and asked, “Worriless Nie, you deserve a freaking beating, I’m telling you. Why the f*ck are you acting pitiful right now? How did you look at Miss Ye just now? What the f*ck do you mean with your derision and contempt?”

“It’s been her who took care of Tangtang this whole time with total devotion. Tangtang can’t forget her even after going home. That proves just how sincere and how well she treated Tangtang, but what about you?”

“What have you been doing? Why didn’t I know how well you could pretend before? You finally know to f*cking come home? What have you been doing before? Don’t make me break your legs when I come back!”

“Brother… I…” The girl wanted to say something.

However, Nameless Nie waved his hand. “I’m telling you, missy, I’m seriously angry. Ask Spray of Flowers how I am when I’m seriously angry.”

“When Captain gets angry, it’s a true volcanic eruption… He’ll beat anyone except for himself…” Spray of Flowers mumbled quietly.

“I’m telling you, Worriless Nie, behave! If you act like a b*tch again, just wait until I come back! Don’t make me bring Tangtang back here and give him to Miss Ye so that you can never see him again!” Nameless Nie coldly said.

Tangtang’s eyes brightened when he heard this. He never thought his unreliable uncle would have such an unexpected, manly side…

“You dare?!” Madam Nie was fairly infuriated by Nameless Nie.

“Mom, you know my temper! There’s nothing that I, Nameless Nie, won’t dare to do! Let’s talk about you now. What did you say to my friend just now? She can ask for any compensation she wants? Who do you think my friend is?! Don’t say anything, just listen to me, okay?!”

Nameless Nie interrupted Madam Nie and continued, “Even a grown man like me can’t endure it when I hear ‘Any compensation is fine.’ What’s wrong with you? It was me who begged my friend to take care of Tangtang. What you’re saying now is slapping my face!”

“I, Nameless Nie, consider my face more important than my life! Even if you’re my mom, you can’t humiliate me like this! Don’t make me bring Tangtang back here as soon as I come home this time then run away from home like that precious daughter of yours! You’ve tasted what it feels like to have a daughter run away already, but you haven’t tasted a son running away yet, right? How about that?!”

Nameless Nie’s fury was quite immense, and he didn’t give Madam Nie any room to respond.

Madam Nie was about to faint from how infuriated Nameless Nie made her.

Madam Nie originally wanted to say something but was pulled back by Third Miss Nie. “Mom… You know Big Brother’s temper better than anyone… He took after you in this… Big Brother’s in a fit right now, so if you don’t go along with him… I’m afraid… none of us can stop him. Big Brother really could do something like that when he comes back…”

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