Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1238 - Try saying it again

Chapter 1238: Try saying it again

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“It’s my mommy,” Tangtang dryly said.

“Nonsense!” The girl’s expression froze. There was displeasure on her face as she said, “Your mommy and grandma are about to enter. How could you be so nonsensical and bratty and casually call some random stray animal your mommy…”

“Who are you calling a stray animal?!”

Nameless Nie snatched his phone out of Ye Wanwan’s hands before that girl could finish speaking. He coldly stared at the girl and said, “Try saying that again?”

“Brother?” The girl looked at Nameless Nie with furrowed brows.

“She took care of Tangtang in China for so long and she’s my friend! If you run your mouth off again, I’m gonna slap your mouth raw when I come back!” Nameless Nie coldly berated her.

“How would I know?” The girl looked clueless. “As soon as I entered, I heard Tangtang calling this girl his mom. How would I know she’s your friend? Are you an idiot?”

“Is that so?” Nameless Nie turned to look at Devotee and Spray of Flowers.

“Probably…” Spray of Flowers nodded.

The girl next to the Little Devil in the video was the third miss of the Independent State’s Nie family, Tangtang’s aunt and Nameless Nie’s third sister.

“Oh…” Nameless Nie muttered.

As he said that, an elegant-looking woman in luxurious clothing and a girl with exceptional looks entered the lounge shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Third Child, why are you shouting? Did you give Tangtang the food yet?” The elegant woman walked forward and looked at the third miss.

Before Third Miss Nie could say anything, the elegant woman suddenly saw Ye Wanwan in the video, and her expression instantly chilled.

Ever since Tangtang returned to the Independent State, he had been in a terrible mood and even called for his fake “Mommy” from China in his dreams.

“Tangtang… It’s me who’s your mommy…” The exceptionally looking girl walked up. Derision and contempt surfaced in her eyes as she glanced at Ye Wanwan from the corner of her eyes.

“That doesn’t prevent me from having one more mommy,” Tangtang expressionlessly said with a glance at the girl.

The girl’s eyes turned misty and she sadly took a few steps back with her hands covering her mouth. “Mommy was wrong… I shouldn’t have left you… I shouldn’t have left home… I didn’t fulfill a mother’s responsibilities… and allow someone else to take advantage and sidle in. It’s my fault… It’s all my fault…”


The wealthy woman quickly went up to comfort her and glanced at Tangtang with mild reproach.

The most pampered member of the Independent State’s Nie family was their second miss, Worriless Nie. She was the true beloved member of the Nie family. Moreover, Madam Nie felt lingering guilt toward her because she left home when she was young, so how could Madam Nie bear to see her precious daughter suffering such a grievance?

“Nameless Nie, let me tell you, don’t accept it the next time Tangtang video calls you!” Madam Nie said as she looked at Nameless Nie.

“How’s it my fault? It wasn’t me who initiated the call. You should tell that little ancestor yourself! You can’t blame me…” Nameless Nie was unwilling to accept this.

Madam Nie glanced at Nameless Nie before turning to Ye Wanwan. She sighed. “Miss Wanwan, I’m very grateful to you for taking care of Tangtang during the past few months… However, Tangtang’s mother has been found, so I hope Miss Wanwan won’t maintain any contact with Tangtang from now on. Miss Ye doesn’t hope to see Tangtang at odds with his own mother, right? We can satisfy any requests or compensation that you want… but we hope Miss Ye can also understand us old people’s feelings…”

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