Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1237 - Is Mommy doing well

Chapter 1237: Is Mommy doing well

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“He already found his real mom… Why is he still bothering me…” Nameless Nie grumbled and had no choice but to accept the video call.

In the video, Little Devil was wearing a black, English-style suit and sitting in the lounge of a manor.

“Little ancestor, what is it?!” Nameless Nie smiled obsequiously.

Tangtang was silent for a moment before looking at Nameless Nie and hesitantly asked, “Is Mommy… doing well?”

“Go ask your grandma whether your mom’s doing well… Wait, aren’t you also home? Shouldn’t you know whether your mom’s doing well?” Nameless Nie asked.

Devotee: “…”

Spray of Flowers: “…”

Brick-moving foreigner: “…”

Iceberg man: “?”

Devotee couldn’t resist rolling his eyes. Even he knew Little Devil’s “Mommy” was obviously referring to their Boss Famous, okay?! What kind of extremely mutated intelligence did the captain have?

“I’m referring to… Mommy.” Little Devil coldly looked at Nameless Nie.

It wasn’t until Spray of Flowers quietly clued him in that Nameless Nie realized the “Mommy” Little Devil was referring to was Ye Wanwan, who was with him…

“Oh, your mommy’s doing fine. Your mommy has never had terrible days in my memory..” Nameless Nie said after thinking about it for a moment without changing a single word.

“It’s good that Mommy’s well…” Little Devil’s voice seemed a bit disappointed. He wanted to say something but didn’t end up saying it. However, the loneliness and longing brimming from his dim eyes already revealed his emotions.

A layer of mist covered Ye Wanwan’s eyes as she looked at Tangtang in the video.

It was at this moment that Nameless Nie’s phone shifted and Tangtang promptly caught the person next to Nameless Nie from the corners of his eyes…

“Mommy…” Tangtang’s eyes brightened the second he saw Ye Wanwan, as though they contained a galaxy of stars. They were akin to the first ray of light when the universe began.

“Tangtang, are you doing well at home…” Ye Wanwan concealed her emotions and revealed a smile on her face.

“If Mommy was also here… it would be better.” Tangtang stared intently at Ye Wanwan.

A chuckle was pulled out of Ye Wanwan when she heard this. Who knew how many girls would be fatally seduced by this little fella when he grew up?

“Mommy… Tangtang wants to hear you sing…” Tangtang said and looked at Ye Wanwan in anticipation after a brief moment of thought.

Previously, Ye Wanwan would sing Tangtang to sleep next to him every night, but her familiar singing vanished without a trace after he returned to the Independent State. It wasn’t that he wasn’t used to it, it was that he couldn’t get used to it…

“Mommy… can we… meet again one day…” Tangtang’s eyes were sparkling as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

However, Ye Wanwan had no idea how she should answer him this time.

She previously promised Tangtang she would visit him if she had the chance. Her dreams were wonderful but the reality was harsh. First, she had a pile of business waiting for her in China right now.

Moreover, the Independent State was very xenophobic. If outsiders rashly entered, their lives would be endangered. Plus, Tangtang’s biological mother was found already, so there was no reason for him to return to China…

Last but not least, there was great distance and oceans and mountains between China and the Independent State.

Perhaps her relationship with Tangtang ended the moment Tangtang’s biological mother was found. This was fate. They couldn’t defy it no matter how much unwillingness and longing existed between her and Tangtang.

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything, an exquisite-looking girl suddenly entered the lounge with a bowl of shark fin soup and walked toward Tangtang. She placed the shark fin soup to the side.

When the girl saw Ye Wanwan in the video, her face turned into a deep frown. “Tangtang, who is she?”

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