Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1236 - This owner is too dishonest

Chapter 1236: This owner is too dishonest

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“$100 for six people AND you want meat! Eat if you like, scram if you don’t!” The food stall’s owner contemptuously glanced at Nameless Nie and his group before turning around and leaving.

Iceberg man: “…”

“Captain, I won’t follow you back this time. I still have something to take care of here. We’ll discuss it again when I’m finished,” Feng Xuanyi said.

“You aren’t going back? You should’ve told me earlier! I already bought your plane tickets…” Nameless Nie was startled.

“Refund them then… And return the money back to my card. I gotta go.” Feng Xuanyi turned around and left.

It wasn’t until half an hour after Feng Xuanyi left that the food stall’s owner finished serving all of the dishes.

“Didn’t I give you $200 to order some decent dishes? What the h*ll did you order?” Nameless Nie turned to Devotee.

“Um… Captain, I did order it based on the $200 standard! That’s right… this is a $200 meal,” Devotee swore to him while tightly gripping the $100 bill that he kept for himself without blushing or skipping a beat.

“D*mn, this owner is too dishonest…” Nameless Nie said with a frown, unaware of Devotee’s swindling.

Ye Wanwan belatedly arrived and entered the room just as he finished speaking.

“Sister Famous Ye, be seated. Quick!” Nameless Nie had a big grin when he saw Ye Wanwan. “Thank you so much for the past few months. This good meal is on me as my thanks to you.”

Ye Wanwan reflexively surveyed the table.

Stir-fry yellow bean sprouts…

Stir-fry mung bean sprouts…

Hot and sour shredded potatoes…

Simmer-fried eggplants…

Egg and tomato soup…

There were four dishes and one soup for five people. Plus, they were all vegetarian dishes!

Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. This was indeed a good meal.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything and sat down.

“Sister Wanwan, my niece’s biological mom was found, so we’re going to leave tomorrow. This farewell will probably be an eternal parting,” Nameless Nie said as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Don’t freaking speak if you don’t know how to speak properly! Who the heck are you eternally parting with?

Ye Wanwan looked at Nameless Nie as though she wanted to say something but ended up not saying anything.

Whenever Ye Wanwan looked at Nameless Nie, she remembered Tangtang. It had to be said that this uncle and nephew bore some similarities in their appearance.

“Is Tangtang… doing okay?” Ye Wanwan asked Nameless Nie a moment later.

Nameless Nie was a bit surprised when he heard that. Did Ye Wanwan really develop some deep attachment to the little ancestor after interacting with him the past few months?

However, Nameless Nie couldn’t understand it. He himself wished nothing more than to be worlds apart away from the little ancestor and never see him again…

Tangtang returned to the Independent State several days ago already. During these past days, fragmented scenes of her days with Tangtang popped up in Ye Wanwan’s mind occasionally. Unfortunately, she would probably never see him again for the rest of her life.

Everything was hazy like a dream. Perhaps Tangtang was merely a guest in her life. It was just that this guest was a bit more important.

“How should I know whether he’s doing well or not? Anyhow, that little ancestor has never had terrible days in my memory,” Nameless Nie subconsciously answered.

Spray of Flowers and Devotee instantly rolled their eyes at Nameless Nie. Their captain had incomparable martial arts talent, but his intelligence really was a tad low. Was he blind? Boss Famous clearly missed the little devil, alright…

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything, Nameless Nie’s phone started ringing.

Nameless Nie took out his phone and glanced at it, his face shifting with a swish. It was a video call from Little Devil…

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