Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1235 - Important clue

Chapter 1235: Important clue

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Moreover… who in the world was the Worriless Nie the Nie family found in the Independent State?

The patriarch of the Si family, Si Yehan, also coincidentally disappeared strangely during this time. Was there some concrete connection between the two events?

Even someone like Feng Xuanyi felt like he was viewing this matter through rose-tinted glasses and couldn’t see the truth.

Suddenly, Spray of Flowers’ phone rang, and he stood up after seeing the caller ID. “I’m gonna go out to take a call.”

Outside the food stall, Spray of Flowers held his phone to his ears and continuously nodded. “I understand… However, that bloody stutterer, Feng Xuanyi, said Ye Wanwan might be the real Second Miss. About this matter…”

It was unknown what the person on the other end said, but Spray of Flowers nodded and hung up.

“What are you doing?”

Spray of Flowers had just hung up when Nameless Nie slowly swaggered close to him.

“A call from home,” Spray of Flowers replied while looking at Nameless Nie.

Nameless Nie nodded with understanding and said, “I’ve booked the plane tickets. We can return tomorrow.”

“However, Captain… Is the one at home really Second Miss, Worriless Nie?” Spray of Flowers asked curiously.

“Nonsense!” Nameless Nie glanced at Spray of Flowers. “How could my parents possibly recognize her wrong?”

“That’s not it, Captain… Second Miss was missing for so many years, so her appearance must be different from so many years ago… We should be more cautious,” Spray of Flowers said.

“I think you’re itching for a beating,” Nameless Nie snorted. “How could my parents and Third Sister recognize the wrong person?”

“Fine…” Spray of Flowers nodded and didn’t say anything more after Nameless Nie said that.

A moment later, Spray of Flowers and Nameless Nie arrived at the food stall’s private room.

“Feng Xuanyi, you told me you found some important clue on the phone… What’s going on?” Nameless Nie sat down and asked Feng Xuanyi.

“Captain, is your family… sure they found Second Miss?” Feng Xuanyi looked at Nameless Nie.

Nameless Nie nodded and said, “They’re sure. That d*mn girl was partying and having fun in the world these past few years and was finally found a few days ago. My parents and third sister all confirmed that she’s that d*mn girl.”

“Alright, it’s nothing then,” Feng Xuanyi said.

The current situation was very obvious. Everyone from Nameless Nie to the patriarch, madam, and third miss were all very certain that the counterfeit was Worriless Nie herself. It was meaningless for Feng Xuanyi to say anything else.

It was unknown whether the Nie family would believe him if he told the truth. More importantly, there was a high possibility that he would bring a bloody calamity onto the real second miss.

Since she dared to pretend to be the Nie family’s Second Miss, she couldn’t be anyone simple. She might even be related to some of the Nie family’s higher-ups. If he allowed other people to know Ye Wanwan was the genuine second miss, it might provoke murderous attempts by the hidden culprits.

Feng Xuanyi could only figure out how to handle this matter once he uncovered everything.

Before everything was figured out, he wouldn’t act or speak rashly.

Soon, the food stall’s owner carried several appetizers into the room and randomly placed them on the table.

“Boss, where’s the meat?!” Devotee was utterly displeased as he looked at the vegetable dishes on the table then at the food stall’s owner.

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