Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1234 - A bigger scheme

Chapter 1234: A bigger scheme

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“I hid in the Si family for more than a year and can nearly confirm that Miss Wanwan and Second Miss have an inseparable connection. It’s possible that Ye Wanwan is Second Miss herself,” Feng Xuanyi said as he swept his eyes over the four people.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Devotee shook his head. “Bloody stutterer, you probably don’t know that Second Miss has been found already.”

Feng Xuanyi’s brows furrowed. “Miss Worriless has been… found?”

“Of course she’s found! Otherwise, why would Captain book tickets for all of us to go back?” Spray of Flowers nodded with certainty.

“Is that so…” An inexplicable glint surfaced in Feng Xuanyi’s eyes.

He had hidden inside the Si family for more than a year all because Ye Wanwan was there. Although Feng Xuanyi didn’t know much about Worriless Nie, there was a large possibility that Ye Wanwan was Worriless Nie based on the information he obtained from the Nie family.

Feng Xuanyi wasn’t sure about it at first, but Ye Wanwan’s drunken state last time strengthened his guess that Ye Wanwan was Worriless Nie…

There was only one thing Feng Xuanyi couldn’t understand.

If Ye Wanwan was the Nie family’s Second Miss, Worriless Nie, why did she completely forget everything and take on Ye Wanwan’s identity?

Also, Feng Xuanyi investigated Ye Wanwan’s past once and there wasn’t a single hole in her background or identity.

It wasn’t until the Si family’s patriarch, Si Yehan, disappeared and Feng Xuanyi entered Si Yehan’s study to investigate, accidentally saw the briefcase labeled “YWW” and found that astonishing CD that the entire truth was revealed.

Ye Wanwan’s true identity had to be Worriless Nie. However, she was forcefully erased of Worriless Nie’s memory and infused with Ye Wanwan’s memory through deep hypnosis by people hired by Si Yehan.

Then this would explain why Worriless Nie appeared to be using Ye Wanwan’s identity and forgot all about her identity as Worriless Nie and couldn’t even recognize her real brother, Nameless Nie.

At first, Nameless Nie hypothesized that his sister, Worriless Nie, eloped and left with some wild man. Whether Si Yehan was that wild man or not, it didn’t escape him. As for why Si Yehan had to erase Worriless Nie’s memory and turn her into Ye Wanwan, Feng Xuanyi was still unable to figure out.

“Second Miss is finally found! Our bitter days are finally coming to an end, thank goodness!” Spray of Flowers’ face radiated bliss and happiness.

Feng Xuanyi didn’t say anything to that. This matter absolutely wasn’t this simple.

After Feng Xuanyi discovered Ye Wanwan’s identity in Si Yehan’s study, he could ascertain that Ye Wanwan was the Nie family’s Second Miss, Worriless Nie. However, his superiors suddenly told them Second Miss Worriless Nie was found, so this kind of thing absolutely couldn’t happen logically.

If Ye Wanwan in China was the genuine Second Miss of the Nie family, then who was the Worriless Nie they found in the Independent State?

How did she deceive their patriarch and madam and cause the entire Nie family to believe her without a doubt…

Feng Xuanyi pinched his brows. He was afraid this matter wasn’t as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Perhaps there was a bigger scheme that was hidden behind all of this.

Why did Second Miss Worriless Nie disappear and how did she end up with Si Yehan, erased of her identity as the Second Miss of the Nie family in the Independent State by Si Yehan…

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