Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1233 - But you have the money

Chapter 1233: But you have the money

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Iceberg Man sat underneath the air conditioner, enjoying the cool air. He didn’t look back. He had no desire to speak.

“How should I know?” Devotee pursed his lips. “Captain went to book plane tickets… If the bloody stutterer doesn’t want to leave, let him stay here and enjoy his life.”

Just as he finished speaking, muffled footsteps came from outside the door and Feng Xuanyi entered the room in the next second.

“Where’s the captain?” Feng Xuanyi plopped down on the chair with a popsicle in his hand, and his eyes swept over the group.

“He went to book the plane tickets, so he’s not here yet,” Devotee answered.

Feng Xuanyi nodded and chuckled. “Heh, Captain is so generous this time… He actually remembered to book plane tickets for our return trip…”

Brick-moving Foreigner looked at Feng Xuanyi and mischievously laughed. “I’m excited just thinking about it. We… nearly drowned on the boat ride here.”

“Captain… does he have money to book the plane tickets?” Feng Xuanyi took a bite of his popsicle and asked curiously.

The other four people’s eyes immediately landed on Feng Xuanyi.

“Captain doesn’t have the money, but you have the money… He’s booking the plane ticket with your pay from the Si family…” Devotee said.

“What did you say?!” Feng Xuanyi instantly shot up from his chair. This was his hard-earned money that he obtained through great tribulations and hard work after working as a hidden guard at the Si family for so freaking long!!!

Captain deceived him and claimed he would save it for him… It wasn’t like he had any use for money normally as a hidden guard in the Si family…

He never thought…

He freaking used all of his hard-earned money to book plane tickets?!

“That’s right, bloody stutterer, how much money did you earn in total as a hidden guard in the Si family?” Brick-moving Foreigner asked with curiosity.

The return plane tickets weren’t cheap at all, and Captain even said he was going to book first-class tickets…

“An ordinary hidden guard earns $15,000 every month… A hidden guard captain earns $50,000 every month…” Feng Xuanyi muttered.

“Sh*t! $50,000?!” Devotee nearly jumped up. He strenuously told people’s fortunes and read people’s palms outside every day and endured the cold air and blazing sun, but he never earned more than $100 each day. Sometimes, he wouldn’t have any business all day. So in a month, he typically earned $800-$900, and if he was lucky, $1000-$2000 sometimes…

But freaking Feng Xuanyi… As an ordinary hidden guard in the Si family, he could just chat and play some cards with the other guards when there was nothing to do and earn $15,000 every month. After becoming a hidden guard captain, he just had to sit in his office and do nothing and would earn $50,000 every month…

“How much money did you give to Captain?” Spray of Flowers asked while looking at Feng Xuanyi.

“Captain freaking swindled a year’s worth of wages from me!” Feng Xuanyi took out his notebook and carefully read it. A moment later, he looked up miserably at Devotee and Spray of Flowers. “This year’s worth of wages was $400,000! I only spend a couple thousand myself in a freaking year!”

“Forget about the money… From here to the Independent State, we have to transfer a few planes and also take a cruise… Captain booked first-class for all of it and the luxurious package for the cruise…” Devotee said with a smile.

Feng Xuanyi took a deep breath and suppressed his urge to beat these four people to death.

Were they telling him that all of his hard-earned money this year was spent on them?!

A moment later, Feng Xuanyi lit a cigarette and regained his calm expression. “Let’s talk business.”

Both Devotee and Spray of Flowers were taken back when they heard that. What business was there anymore?

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