Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1241 - Eat or not

Chapter 1241: Eat or not

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After ending the video call, Nameless Nie’s fury still wasn’t extinguished.

Spray of Flowers, Devotee, and the others all kept quiet out of fear. Captain was easygoing normally but volcanic-mode Captain was the scariest person in the world…

“What are you looking at?! Is the meal free? Eat! Eat it all!” Nameless Nie turned to his group.

“Yes, eat eat eat!”

Devotee quickly started moving his chopsticks and inhaled the shredded potatoes like there was an unlimited supply.

“Is the meal free? Why are you eating it all by yourself?!” Nameless Nie glared at Devotee.

Devotee immediately froze on the spot, his chopsticks with the shredded potatoes he picked up hovering next to his mouth, and he turned embarrassed. So should he eat or not…

“Boss Ye, it was inadequate planning on my part today, don’t mind it. Wait until I go back and thoroughly investigate it…” Nameless Nie said.

Brick-moving Foreigner remained apprehensive. It was truly rare to see Captain exploding in fury. It appeared Captain sincerely considered Boss Ye a close friend…

“It’s fine…” Ye Wanwan smiled.

Then Ye Wanwan’s phone suddenly rang.

It was Luo Chen calling.

“Hey, Luo Chen?”

“Brother Ye, do you have time tonight?” Luo Chen hastily asked.

Ye Wanwan said, “What is it?”

“Brother Xianyu has a concert tonight and invited Luo Chen and I as guest singers, as well as you, Brother Ye. But when Sister Jiawen called you to confirm the time today, she couldn’t reach you…” Luo Chen replied.

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows. “Sorry, I was busy, so I forgot to return the call. I got it, I’ll arrive on time.”

First, it was Tangtang’s departure then it was Si Yehan’s disappearance. Her mind had been tumultuous lately, so she nearly forgot about this matter.

After hanging up, a thought flitted through Ye Wanwan’s mind. She quickly took out that strange string of numbers and walked to Nameless Nie and asked, “Do you know the region of this phone number?”

Nameless Nie glanced at it and immediately answered, “This? It’s a number from the Independent State!”

Ye Wanwan’s brows furrowed when she heard that. As she thought, it was a number from the Independent State… If it was like that, then there was a concrete connection between Si Yehan’s disappearance and the Independent State…

“An Independent State’s number can call outside, but the outside world can’t reach an Independent State’s number,” Nameless Nie said.

“Um… can you help me call this number?” Ye Wanwan probed furtively.

“I can. That’s easy.” Nameless Nie took out another phone and called the number.

The call rang a few times before a female voice was heard, “Who is it?”

“Who are you?” Nameless Nie asked.

“Are you crazy? You called me and asked me who I am?!” The other party cursed and immediately hung up.

Ye Wanwan was speechless as she looked at Nameless Nie, whose brain went offline again.

“Give it to me… Let me do it…” Ye Wanwan took the phone from Nameless Nie and called again.

A few rings later, the female voice was heard again, “What’s wrong with you?!”

“I’m sorry… My friend didn’t speak clearly earlier… I’m really sorry…” Ye Wanwan apologized lightly.

The other person impatiently asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“I want to ask… Is Si Yehan there…?” Ye Wanwan asked inquisitively.

“You’re looking for Si Yehan?! May I ask who you are?” The other person grew more cautious when Si Yehan’s name was mentioned.

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