Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1223 - Heavy Fog

Chapter 1223: Heavy Fog

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Si Yehan’s current mysterious disappearance was akin to a cloud of heavy fog that trapped not only the entire Si family but also Ye Wanwan.

“Xu Yi, do you think Ah-Jiu went out of the country for business purposes?” Ye Wanwan asked Xu Yi.

Xu Yi shook his head. After some contemplation, he said, “There aren’t any projects that need Ninth Master to work on himself lately. Plus, the most important project right now is the negotiation with Huafeng Group. The Si family and the Huafeng Group discussed a large project several years ago, so there’s nothing that could possibly be more important than the project with the Huafeng Group right now.”

“Then were there any signs in the days before Ah-Jiu’s disappearance?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Um…” Xu Yi’s brows were locked together. A moment later, he answered, “Miss Wanwan, if you put it like that… Ninth Master was especially temperamental and extremely quick to anger in the few days before his disappearance…”

“Temperamental… Quick to anger…?” Ye Wanwan was taken back by Xu Yi’s answer and recalled how Xu Yi called her on the day of the Golden Orchid Awards’ ceremony. She asked, “Do you know why?”

Si Yehan told her it was business-related when she asked back then.

“That I don’t know. Anyhow, Ninth Master frequently locked himself inside the room during those few days. In addition… the study was nearly destroyed by Ninth Master…” Xu Yi replied.

“Where’s Grandmother?” Ye Wanwan abruptly switched the topic.

“Miss Wanwan, Ninth Master’s disappearance shocked Old Madam too much, and she collapsed. The doctor said she needs to recuperate peacefully, so I don’t recommend that Miss Wanwan disturb Old Madam right now.” Xu Yi felt helpless.

Ye Wanwan also had to leave that matter alone.

Because the patriarch of the Si family had disappeared with his fate unknown, the Si family had turned into a chaotic mess. Some people even claimed Si Yehan had died already. Many higher-ups of the Si family also chose this critical moment to get restless, but thankfully, it was forcefully suppressed by the old madam for the time being. If Si Yehan didn’t appear soon though, things wouldn’t be suppressed for much longer.

Currently, the Si family was like a volcano that was about to erupt, and the consequences couldn’t be predicted if this volcano did erupt.

There was absolutely no way Si Yehan wasn’t aware of such serious consequences as the patriarch of the Si family. Hence, Ye Wanwan was certain Si Yehan’s disappearance was caused by an external factor.

“Go do your own thing first,” Ye Wanwan told Xu Yi a moment later.

“Alright. The Si family is seriously too chaotic right now, and there are many things waiting to be taken care of… Miss Wanwan, don’t be too worried. Maybe Ninth Master will return before long…” Xu Yi glanced at Ye Wanwan before sighing and leaving.

Although Ye Wanwan’s heart was torn with worry right now and she urgently wanted to figure out what happened to Si Yehan and his current location, there wasn’t a single lead in the current situation.

Based on what Xu Yi told her, Si Yehan kept locking himself inside the study in the last days before his disappearance…

Ye Wanwan headed toward Si Yehan’s study.

The inside of Si Yehan’s study was in complete disorder. The landline was ruthlessly smashed onto the ground and shattered into pieces. The several hardwood chairs were also broken into fragments.

Ye Wanwan picked up the phone from the ground and examined it. She discovered that the phone was broken, but she could still check the call history.

The last call coincidentally matched Si Yehan’s time of disappearance.

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