Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1222 - Wouldn't abandon her

Chapter 1222: Wouldn’t abandon her

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In the past few days, she had been busy with the company and knew Si Yehan was very busy. Xu Yi also said he was occupied with an important project, so she hadn’t disturbed him. By the time she contacted Si Yehan, who would’ve expected that she wouldn’t be able to get in touch with him at all and his phone would be turned off?

At first, Ye Wanwan didn’t pay much attention, but as time went on, she felt like the matter wasn’t that simple.

Even if Si Yehan’s phone was turned off, it absolutely wouldn’t stay off for more than half a day. Moreover, even Si Yehan’s work phone went unanswered.

“Xu Yi, are you sure… Ah-Jiu’s missing?” Ye Wanwan had a deep frown.

“Miss Wanwan, I’ll tell you the truth. Lately, the overseas Huafeng Group has had a very important project with the Si family. Ninth Master received Huafeng Group personally and negotiated with them the whole time. However, in the past few days, it was like Ninth Master disappeared off the face of the earth without any news. Even the people from Huafeng Group can’t contact Ninth Master.”

“The Si family has completely locked down the news of Ninth Master going missing, so outsiders don’t know, but the Si family has turned into an utter mess…” Xu Yi sighed.

As the patriarch of the Si family, Si Yehan absolutely wouldn’t leave for a few days without saying anything or cut off all contact with them. There was only one possibility… an accident probably happened.

However, no one knew what kind of accident happened.

“I’ll come over immediately.” Ye Wanwan quickly hung up and drove to the Si residence.

Ye Wanwan’s heart chilled as soon as she arrived at the Si residence.

Things were different. The number of guards around the residence had grown by several fold, and everyone was in a state of emergency as though they were facing a great enemy.

“Miss Wanwan!”

As soon as she entered the Si residence, Xu Yi hastily walked toward her.

“What in the world happened? Why did Ah-Jiu go missing for no reason?” Ye Wanwan asked as she looked at Xu Yi.

“Ah… it’s a long story…” Xu Yi shook his head. How could he know what happened? Ninth Master disappeared out of nowhere.

“Did you pull up the surveillance yet?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Xu Yi nodded. “We’ve pulled up all the surveillance from the past several days, but we didn’t discover any trace of Ninth Master…”

Ye Wanwan sunk into contemplation.

If the Si residence’s surveillance was unable to find Si Yehan, there were only two possibilities remaining.

The first possibility was that an expert covertly abducted Si Yehan without anyone in the Si family noticing.

The second possibility was that Si Yehan left the Si residence himself…

If it was the first possibility, then Si Yehan’s abductor must have a profound relationship with the Si family. Otherwise, how could they have successfully dodged all of the surveillance inside the Si family residence?!

However, Ye Wanwan leaned more toward the second possibility. After all, trying to abduct the patriarch of the Si family from the Si family’s headquarters on their own was no different from a fairy tale. If Si Yehan left himself, it would be as simple as a breeze for him to avoid the surveillance cameras.

After some deep contemplation, Ye Wanwan swiftly threw out the second possibility too. Si Yehan didn’t have any reason to run away from home without telling anyone. This didn’t fit Si Yehan’s personality at all.

If both of these possibilities were overthrown, what happened to Si Yehan then? He couldn’t have disappeared without a trace for no reason…

With Si Yehan’s personality, he absolutely wouldn’t have chosen to avoid the situation regardless of the difficulty of the situation. Moreover, even if he did encounter some kind of trouble, Si Yehan absolutely wouldn’t conceal it from her and even… abandon her…

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