Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1221 - When will you break up?

Chapter 1221: When will you break up?

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Ye Wanwan said, “Since you’re here, go pick up your schedule from Jiawen.”

Gong Xu: “Oh…”

Ah, so infuriating! But I can’t get mad at Little Candied Plum at all…

Gong Xu looked back three times with every step he took before finally squeezing out, “Brother Ye…”

Ye Wanwan looked up from her documents. “You need something else?”

Gong Xu asked, “When will you break up?”

Snap! Ye Wanwan forcibly broke the fountain pen in her hand.

BANG! Gong Xu immediately scrambled outside in fright, slamming the door shut behind him.

This idiot!

He actually dared to wish I would break up!

Ye Wanwan randomly picked up her phone. She sent a message to Si Yehan and asked him out to have dinner that night. However, it’d been over an hour, but he still hadn’t responded to her.

Si Yehan usually replied within seconds of her sending messages before.

He’s probably been too busy lately…

Ye Wanwan didn’t pay too much attention to it and continued to work.

After she got off work, her message still silently rested on the screen without any answer.

Ye Wanwan frowned and called Si Yehan.

“Sorry, the person you’re calling is unavailable right now. Please try your call again later. Sorry…”

For some reason, an ominous feeling rose in Ye Wanwan’s heart.

Ye Wanwan immediately called Xu Yi.

This time, the call connected quickly.

Xu Yi answered, “Hello, Miss Wanwan?”

“Steward Xu, is Ah-Jiu with you?” Ye Wanwan asked, straight to the point.

“Ninth Master? He’s in a meeting with his business partner right now. Did something urgent happen?”

Ye Wanwan relaxed when she heard that. “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. I was just wondering. No need to tell him, good luck.”

It was Gong Xu’s fault for talking nonsense and causing her imagination to run wild.

A few days later:

“Sorry, the number you’re calling is currently turned off…”

Ye Wanwan had a deep frown on her face. Si Yehan’s phone was still turned off, and she couldn’t reach him.

It was completely understandable for a person to turn their phone off and ignore calls when they were too busy.

However, if it was Si Yehan, that was absolutely impossible.

This type of situation had never happened during her relationship with Si Yehan in both her previous and current lives.

Even when their relationship was at its worst, Si Yehan never ignored her calls for so long.

In addition to this…

Si Yehan’s recent loss of control over his emotions as well as the slight peculiarity when he left the Little House of Rose that day—it made Ye Wanwan feel more and more ill at ease.

Si Yehan’s ability to conceal his emotions was too strong. If he didn’t want someone to notice any emotional abnormalities, then that person wouldn’t be able to tell.

Even so, Ye Wanwan still managed to detect the strangeness once…

This meant Si Yehan might’ve reached the point of being unable to control his emotions anymore…

Ye Wanwan rapidly called Xu Yi’s number and frankly asked, “Steward Xu, tell me honestly, where did Ah-Jiu go?”

There was a long silence from the other end.

Then Xu Yi finally spoke. “Miss Wanwan, we’ve dispatched all of our scouts and manpower, but we haven’t found Ninth Master yet…”

“What are you saying? What do you mean you haven’t found him?”

“Miss Wanwan… Ninth Master… he might’ve gone missing…” Xu Yi’s voice sounded anxious and tired and didn’t sound like he was joking.


Surprise, as well as disbelief, surfaced in Ye Wanwan’s eyes.

How could Ah-Jiu have gone missing for no reason all of a sudden?

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