Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1220 - About to lose control

Chapter 1220: About to lose control

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“Eh…” Ye Wanwan was startled and stopped in her tracks. “Ah-Jiu? Why did you come back?”

She was going to turn around, but Si Yehan held her tighter and prevented her from moving.

About 10 seconds passed before he released her.

Ye Wanwan blinked and spun around. “What is it?”

Si Yehan didn’t say anything and merely leaned over. He quickly and lightly pressed a kiss on her lips, as though he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself if he lingered a second longer.

Ye Wanwan chuckled. So he forgot his good morning kiss.

She was realizing that Si Yehan’s EQ was growing higher and higher. He would be able to graduate soon…

“I’m leaving now.”

“Okay,” Ye Wanwan answered.

After Si Yehan kissed her, he immediately entered the car, as though he was afraid he would expose his emotions which were escaping further and further out of their restraints if he lingered a second longer.

What Ye Wanwan didn’t see was the dark and chilly emotions that eroded his face after he entered the car and the door blocked his face from her.

In the next few days, Ye Wanwan was busy flying everywhere to discuss and negotiate jobs.

Si Yehan was also working on a large, important project. Xu Yi said his health and mental state were decent, so Ye Wanwan sighed with relief.

Ye Yiyi and Ye Shao’an set up many impedances openly and secretly. That family was driven to desperate actions and wouldn’t take things lying down, so Ye Wanwan had to make all necessary preparations ahead of time.

Since female and male clothes made zero difference to her at this point, Ye Wanwan started presenting herself in female clothes.

Ye Wanwan loudly smacked a pile of documents on the table. “Is that punk, Gong Xu, done resting yet? Tell him he must start working tomorrow!”

Yao Jiawen looked troubled. “I called to rush him, but it was Dong Zai who took the call… Dong Zai said…”

Ye Wanwan looked up. “What did he say?”

Yao Jiawen answered, “He… he said his heart was broken… so he was requesting a year of leave…”

The corners of Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. “…”

An artist taking a year of leave?! Is he asking for death?!

He started acting up as soon as he got Best Actor…

Yao Jiawen sighed and looked like she was in a terrible fix. “I’ve tried every method I could, but Gong Xu won’t listen to me at all. Director Ye, I think you’ll have to make a personal trip…”

As they spoke, someone knocked on the door and entered. “Brother Ye, you were looking for me?”

When Ye Wanwan saw Luo Chen, her expression improved a little. “Yeah. Take this screenplay home and study it well.”

“Okay.” Then Luo Chen added, “Oh right, Brother Ye. Don’t worry about Gong Xu. I’ve already contacted him. He said he’ll return to work tomorrow!”

Ye Wanwan was surprised. “Really? How did you persuade that fool?”

Perhaps it was because Ye Wanwan was suddenly dressed in female clothes that Luo Chen was unaccustomed to it and avoided her eyes. He coughed lightly. “Actually… I didn’t say much… I just said one sentence…”

Before Luo Chen finished speaking, a loud, abrupt “BANG” was heard as the office’s door was opened again.

Gong Xu fierily charged inside and proceeded to stare at the girl in a light-gold woman’s suit with slightly wavy hair sitting behind the desk, his eyes wide open…

Gong Xu was dumbfounded. “D*mn…”

Luo Chen wasn’t lying to me. Brother Ye really wore female clothes to work!

Gong Xu looked as though 100 million yuan brushed past him. “Blockhead, why the hell didn’t you tell me earlier?!?!?!”

Luo Chen chose to ignore him without any hesitation.

Ye Wanwan speechlessly looked at his puffed up state. “Tell you what earlier?”

Gong Xu pursed his lips, not saying anything.

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