Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1219 - Do whatever she wishes

Chapter 1219: Do whatever she wishes

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Si Yehan glanced at her with a meaningful expression. “Distant goal? You mean… How when you’re successful and all-powerful, you’ll lock me up and won’t let me go anywhere, not even to see my parents? You’ll send people to follow and monitor me wherever I go and even lock…”

“Stop! Stop!” Ye Wanwan erupted into a choking fit from shock. “Why… why the heck is your memory so good?!”

She thought Si Yehan had forgotten already…

She remembered that back then, she was still confined inside the house by Si Yehan, so she had an argument with Si Yehan. She told him that it was his freedom to marry whoever he wanted in a fit…

Si Yehan’s answer was: “I don’t need freedom.”

And so, Ye Wanwan, whose freedom was restricted by Si Yehan, angrily said those exact words in response. She even said she would lock him up in bed and do whatever she wished to him…

Si Yehan’s response was: “I’m looking forward to that.”

Thinking back on it now, as long as she docilely listened to him—or rather, as long as she stayed by his side, Si Yehan utterly spoiled and indulged her without any bottom line…

“Only you are allowed to bully me. Can’t I counterattack?” Ye Wanwan grumbled.

Back then, she was planning to raise hundreds of pretty boys and start a harem when she obtained her freedom one day…

However, she now gave it up all for him…

Of course, she absolutely wouldn’t dare to say this to Si Yehan.

Si Yehan held her hand and placed it above his heart. “Don’t worry. Whether you’re powerful or powerless, I won’t go anywhere.”

Ye Wanwan could feel the strong pounding and warmth of his heart. She raised her brows and said, “Seducing me so early in the morning? I’m telling you, I’m not some gentleman…”

As she said that, she heard something vibrating by the bedside.

Ye Wanwan was about to reach for it, but Si Yehan acted faster and picked up her phone. He glanced at it. “A call from the company.”

Then he straightened his lapels. “I’ll head out now.”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Oh, alright then. I’ve on track on my end, but I’ll go to your end to help you out after I’ve settled things. If you feel even the tiniest bit unwell, you have to tell me…”


“You also have to call me if you aren’t in a good mood.”


Although Ye Wanwan was a bit worried about the Si family, she remembered that the unrest in the Si family only occurred because of Si Yehan’s health condition in her previous life. Now, the people under the Si family definitely wouldn’t have the guts to ask for death considering Si Yehan’s methods.

As for Si Mingli, he’d been forced to flee outside the country, so he couldn’t cause any major upheavals.

Lately, even the clan elders of the Si family had drastically changed their attitudes toward her. In this life, she hadn’t encountered anything in the Si family that she experienced in her previous life. This proved that fate was progressing in a completely different direction already…

Ye Wanwan’s heart finally settled as she thought about that.

Si Yehan finished doing his tie. “I’ll be fairly busy for the next little bit, so I won’t come back. Call me if anything happens.”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Okay!”

She had already troubled him too much because of Tangtang. It indeed wouldn’t be convenient for him to keep living at her place and running back and forth.

Ye Wanwan walked Si Yehan to the front door. “I’ll need to go on a business trip in the next two days, so I’ll probably come to see you. You mustn’t stay up all night! You must also eat your meals on time!”


“Alright, alright, I won’t keep delaying you. Go quickly!” Ye Wanwan kissed the corner of his lips before waving her hand to urge him to leave.

After Ye Wanwan watched Si Yehan walk toward the car parked by the door and enter the car, she yawned and walked back inside the house.

She had just taken two steps when her back was abruptly tightly enveloped in a hard but boiling embrace…

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