Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1224 - Mysterious briefcase

Chapter 1224: Mysterious briefcase

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Ye Wanwan immediately marked the phone number down.

This string of numbers was a bit unusual and didn’t seem like a domestic phone number.

After a moment of hesitation, Ye Wanwan used her phone to call this strange number.

However, the busy tone that came from the other end of the phone caused Ye Wanwan’s heart to completely sink into an icy pool.

Ye Wanwan called Ye Mufan.

“What?” Ye Mufan asked.

“Brother, help me look into a number…” Ye Wanwan went straight to the point and told him the number.

“What kind of number is this? So strange… It doesn’t seem domestic or from the neighboring countries… This kind of phone number exists?” Ye Mufan sounded surprised.

“Help me investigate it,” Ye Wanwan ordered.

“Hold on, don’t hang up yet.” Ye Mufan immediately turned his computer on and inputted the phone number.

“D*mn…” Ye Mufan’s shocked exclamation came a moment later.

“You found it?!” Ye Wanwan was startled.

“Eh… No…” Ye Mufan said, “Your phone number doesn’t belong to any country at all and isn’t a fictitious number! This number simply doesn’t exist!”

“Doesn’t exist?” Ye Wanwan frowned deeply and immediately searched the call history of the study’s phone again.

However, this strange phone number didn’t just call the phone in Si Yehan’s study once, it called at least five times. Si Yehan also picked up the phone almost instantly every single time, as though he had remained inside the study to wait for this call the whole time. However, this number didn’t exist in the outgoing call history.

Hence, this number definitely existed… Also, with Si Yehan’s personality, unless it was a number he couldn’t call personally, he absolutely wouldn’t stay inside the study and passively wait for the caller to call him every day…

In other words, this number could only be received and couldn’t be called.

“Wanwan, this number of yours can’t be reached at all. Anyway, what kind of number is this? Did you give me the wrong number…” Ye Mufan was heard from her phone.

“I understand… Keep helping me look into it. This number definitely exists.” Ye Wanwan then hung up the phone.

As Ye Wanwan sat inside Si Yehan’s study, her emotions darted every which way.

For some reason, Ye Wanwan became increasingly certain Si Yehan’s disappearance was intricately linked to this strange number. It wasn’t entirely impossible that he disappeared because of this phone number…

While Ye Wanwan was deep in thought, she saw a metal briefcase sitting by the leg of the bookcase from the corner of her eyes. There was an obvious code name engraved onto the briefcase: “YWW.”

Ye Wanwan stood up and picked up the briefcase. After evaluating it, she discovered the briefcase had a lock and couldn’t be opened without a password.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes settled on the enigmatic letter code on the folder with confusion.

What did the three letters “YWW” represent?

Ye Wanwan’s eyes glinted. The automatic response in her mind was that it was an acronym of her name in pinyin.

Ye Wanwan’s acronym just happened to be “YWW.”

Could… could this be a coincidence?

Ye Wanwan’s hands clenched slightly. She instantly wanted to attempt to open this briefcase.

However, after trying several sets of passwords, Ye Wanwan still couldn’t open the briefcase.

Ye Wanwan instinctively felt like the contents of this briefcase were related to her…

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