Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1216 - That face is too powerful

Chapter 1216: That face is too powerful

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A layer of mist instantly covered Tangtang’s large, dark eyes. “Grandma, Tangtang will be home soon.”

“Ah, g-good, good good good! Grandma will be waiting for you at home!”

Madam Nie was overjoyed her family would finally be reunited. “Ah, Tangtang, have…”

Madam Nie didn’t seem to know how to address Ye Wanwan in front of Tangtang, so she said, “Have your uncle take the phone.”

Tangtang handed the phone to Nameless Nie. “Grandma’s asking for you.”

His real mom finally remembered him! Nameless Nie eagerly accepted the phone. “Hello? Mom…”

However, Nameless Nie had just spoken two words when Madam Nie interrupted, “Have Miss Ye take the phone.”

Nameless Nie: “Oh…”

A certain mouthpiece handed the phone to Ye Wanwan. “My mom wants to speak with you.”

Ye Wanwan nodded and took the phone. “Hello…”

A woman’s gentle and refined voice came from the other end. “Hello, Miss Ye. I’m Tangtang’s grandmother. Sorry that I was unable to personally thank you until now. Thank you so much for taking care of Tangtang during this period of time.”

“It’s no trouble. Tangtang’s very likable.”

Madam Nie said, “I still have to thank you for your care. Miss Ye, you can name any request.”

“You’re too polite. I don’t have any requests.”

“Miss Ye, you can answer me after thinking it through. This is my daughter’s wish as well as my whole family’s wish. Our Nie family doesn’t like to owe any favors. We’re willing to fulfill any request you have.”

Mu Suifeng previously mentioned to Ye Wanwan that there were many frightening hidden clans with mysterious backgrounds in the Independent State. The Nie family was probably quite powerful, so Madam Nie’s tone couldn’t help but carry a haughty attitude that belonged to someone in a superior position.

Ye Wanwan didn’t mind Madam Nie’s somewhat domineering attitude though, so she frankly said, “Madam, I really don’t need anything. Your son has helped me once before. I viewed this as returning a favor, so your family doesn’t owe me anything.”

Madam Nie didn’t insist again upon seeing Ye Wanwan’s staunch attitude.

After Ye Wanwan hung up, a wild gale whirled from outside the window, quickly followed by a helicopter slowly parking in the empty space in the back of Little Rose Garden.

It appeared the people who came to pick up Tangtang had arrived…

Ye Wanwan gathered her emotions and was about to help Tangtang pack up his luggage along with the things she bought for him that day.

However, thinking better of it, Tangtang would have everything he needed after going back and wouldn’t lack any of these things. Hence, she dispelled that thought.

There didn’t appear to be anything she needed to pack or could give him to take with him…

After thinking for a moment, Ye Wanwan knelt in front of the little fella and pressed a kiss on his cheeks. “Baby, goodbye.”

The current weakness in Tangtang’s eyes was unbearable. “Can’t Mommy come with me?”

Ye Wanwan sighed gently. She naturally wanted to always be with Tangtang and even considered kidnapping him countless times…

Why wasn’t she Tangtang’s real mother?

“Mommy, why?” Tangtang’s eyes abruptly shot to Si Yehan, who was next to Ye Wanwan. “Is it because of this man?”


The little fella’s eyes were incomparably serious. “Mommy, I can also support you!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Si Yehan: “…”

Nameless Nie: “…”

The rest of Nameless Nie’s group, who was hiding outside the door: “…!!!”

Devotee: “Oh my, what kind of situation is this…”

Spray of Flowers: “Little Devil’s woman-charming skills are too awesome!”

After Spray of Flowers finished talking, he clucked his tongue as he looked at Si Yehan’s face. “It’s a pity that man’s face is too powerful…”

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