Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1215 - You don’t want Tangtang anymore?

Chapter 1215: You don’t want Tangtang anymore?

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Si Yehan’s current expression was practically identical to back when he learned she was going to elope with Gu Yueze…

Ye Wanwan instantly glared at Nameless Nie. Couldn’t he have assessed the situation and sneakily talked to her on her own? She was going to die because of him.

Ye Wanwan glanced at the unhappy Si Yehan but also remembered Tangtang. She felt like she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. “Go back together? Um…”

Nameless Nie looked miserable. “Sister Famous Ye, I know I’m asking too much from you. But it was Little Devil who insisted on this request, or else he won’t go…”

Ye Wanwan wore a deep frown. She would miss Tangtang immensely, but visiting Tangtang frequently was enough to satisfy her…

But now, they wanted her to go back with Tangtang?

Even if she had a way to enter the Independent State, what role should she take on to see Tangtang, now that they found Tangtang’s mother?

Ye Wanwan was enveloped in turmoil as she said, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid this isn’t appropriate…”

Before Nameless Nie could say anything, footsteps were heard from the top of the stairs.

Ye Wanwan automatically turned around and saw the little fella standing behind her like an abandoned little animal; even his fur lost its life. “Mommy, you don’t want Tangtang anymore…?”

Ye Wanwan’s heart softened almost immediately, and she tossed everything to the back of her mind. She would be willing to accompany Baby Tangtang anywhere, even to the end of the world, especially when she heard him calling her “Mommy.”

Ye Wanwan walked over and fiercely pulled the little fella into her arms. As she hugged the little fella’s soft little body, her repressed longing flooded out of her. “No! How could Mommy not want Tangtang! Mommy also can’t bear to part with Tangtang…”

Tangtang hugged her tightly as though he was afraid of being abandoned. “Tangtang also doesn’t want to leave Mommy!”

Ye Wanwan’s heart throbbed with pain. “Tangtang, Mommy’s sorry. Mommy lied to you… However… you might not be my child, but I really, really like you very, very much. Tangtang is the most adorable, most likable baby in this whole world…”

“I will also miss Tangtang a lot. But your mom, your grandpa, and your grandma must all miss you a lot too.” Ye Wanwan took a deep breath before she finally said, “Baby, you should go home.”

Tangtang tightly hugged Ye Wanwan’s neck without a single word, completely unwilling to release his hold.

Nameless Nie’s phone started ringing.

Nameless Nie cautiously walked to the child. “Tangtang, it’s your grandma calling.”

The little fella remained unmoving.

Nameless Nie glanced at Ye Wanwan with a troubled expression.

Ye Wanwan gently patted Tangtang’s back. “Baby, take the call.”

Only then did Tangtang release Ye Wanwan and take the phone from Nameless Nie’s hand.


As soon as Tangtang spoke, the woman on the other end said, her voice shaky from emotion, “Hey, baby! Grandma misses you so much!”

The little fella softly said, “Tangtang also misses Grandma!”

Sobs appeared to flow from the other end of the phone when the woman heard her grandson’s words. A moment of silence was heard as the woman steadied her emotions. Then she continued, “Baby, did your uncle tell you? We found your mom! Ling Feng and Ling Yun went to pick you up, and Grandma made a lot of delicious food for you! Also, Grandpa and your mom are waiting for you to return…”

Tangtang sunk into silence.


Ye Wanwan could faintly hear Tangtang’s grandmother from the other end. She reached out and patted Tangtang’s hair. “Tell your grandma that you’ll be home soon.”

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