Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1217 - Want to be with Mommy and Daddy

Chapter 1217: Want to be with Mommy and Daddy

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Si Yehan said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.”

Si Yehan’s words were as good as a stab to the heart…

Without any surprise, the little fella was on the brink of tears from anger.

Ye Wanwan rebuked Si Yehan with a look before quickly pacifying Tangtang, “Baby, be good. Don’t worry about Mommy. Mommy will be fine. You also need to promise Mommy you’ll take good care of yourself and listen to Grandpa and Grandma. You can’t do dangerous things and make people worry again, okay?”

Upon seeing that the little fella still gloomily remained silent, Ye Wanwan kissed his cheek again. “Tangtang will always be Mommy’s most beloved baby!”

It wasn’t until Ye Wanwan said those words that Tangtang’s face eased up slightly. He furiously glanced at Si Yehan before clingily burrowing himself inside Ye Wanwan’s arms and nodding sulkily.

In the open space of the courtyard:

Ling Feng and Ling Yun, in their black clothes, reverently walked to Tangtang.

“Little Young Master, we should depart.”

Ye Wanwan knelt down and gently hugged Tangtang before promptly releasing him and tousling his hair. “Go on.”

Perhaps it was because Tangtang was afraid of making his mom feel distressed and sad that he nodded docilely. He had already regained his calm and aloof expression.

The little fella solemnly said, “Mommy, goodbye…”

After bidding farewell to Ye Wanwan, the little fella hesitantly glanced at the man next to Ye Wanwan.

At this time, Si Yehan, who had remained silent the entire time, lowered himself to the ground and opened his arms toward the child.

Tangtang dazedly stared at Si Yehan for a while before he slowly walked toward Si Yehan.

Si Yehan wrapped his arms around Tangtang, his broad and warm hand gently patting the back of Tangtang’s head.

Tangtang trembled lightly, his pitch-black but bright eyes instantly filling with tears and rolling down his face, drop after drop. “Tangtang wants to be with Mommy…”

I want to be with Mommy and Daddy…

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath and suppressed all her emotions. “Don’t cry, baby. Mommy promises you I’ll definitely go visit you in the future, alright?”

Although she couldn’t go to the Independent State right now, it didn’t mean she couldn’t find a way to go there later.

Mr. Mu once mentioned that while the Independent State’s law prohibited outsiders from entering, it also had an iron rule that welcomed martial arts experts.

The little fella nodded and left Si Yehan’s arms. In the end, he followed his two guards and slowly boarded the helicopter, his figure disappearing inside the cabin.

When Nameless Nie and his group saw that the little devil boarded the helicopter, they all exhaled in relief simultaneously.

They finally took care of it. They managed to save their lives…

Ling Yun and Ling Yun bowed toward Nameless Nie from the distance before also boarding the helicopter.

In the next second, the helicopter started and rose higher and higher until it turned into a tiny dot and disappeared from their sight…

Ye Wanwan dazedly stared at the empty sky and didn’t speak for a long time…

Nameless Nie let out a long breath. “Sister Famous Ye, I truly thank you a lot for this time!

Ye Wanwan returned to the present and looked at Nameless Nie. “Aren’t you guys leaving?”

Nameless Nie answered, “There’s still something we need to take care of here. We’ll leave in a few days.”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Then…”

“Then… we’ll be taking off now!” Nameless Nie cupped his hands in farewell.

Devotee: “Huh… we’re leaving now? We haven’t eaten yet…”

Spray of Flowers: “That’s the only thing you worry about! It’s already good that we salvaged our lives!”

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