Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1199 - You lose based on your looks alone

Chapter 1199: You lose based on your looks alone

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Didn’t she say she can’t soften up?

So who’s this clingy and incredibly soft girl who likes to act spoiled?

Gong Xu felt thousands of arrows piercing his heart as he watched this scene!

Tang Xinghuo covered his poor, blinded eyes and coughed lightly. He clapped Gong Xu’s shoulders. “My condolences, fool. You lose based on your looks alone!”

“Shut up!” Gong Xu retorted immediately.

Tang Xinghuo clicked his tongue. “His figure… also seems to be better than yours…”

“Are you done yet?”

“Moreover, they have a child already!”

Gong Xu: “…”

His HP instantly dropped to zero.

Ye Wanwan saw Gong Xu’s expression and knew he’d almost completely given up, so she breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s late already. You should go home soon.”

Gong Xu felt lifeless. “I won’t go home… I want to get drunk off my ass…”

Ye Wanwan frowned. How could she allow Gong Xu to drink in his current state?

Luo Chen looked at Ye Wanwan and said, “Brother Ye, you can go home and rest. I’ll stay with him.”

Only after hearing that did Ye Wanwan relax. There definitely wouldn’t be any problems with Luo Chen accompanying him.

Ah, thank goodness there’s a reassuring one.

Ye Wanwan was afraid of unnecessary trouble, so she didn’t dare to linger. After bidding farewell to her group, she hurriedly got into the car.

The black car stably drove away in the night with Xu Yi as the driver.

In the back, Baby Tangtang, who was sitting in between Si Yehan and Ye Wanwan, nervously said, “Sorry, Mommy. Tangtang didn’t listen to you and sleep…”

How could Ye Wanwan be angry? “It’s nothing. Mommy’s also very happy baby came to pick Mommy up!”

Just like how Tangtang didn’t have any principles when it came to Ye Wanwan, Ye Wanwan was the same with Tangtang. Her most important principle was having no principles.

The little fella was relieved. His face was filled with worry when he muttered, “Because… Tangtang… Tangtang was worried Mommy would drink…”

As soon as Mommy drinks, Mommy forgets about Tangtang.

That was the only thing he couldn’t accept, so he hadn’t listened to Ye Wanwan on this rare occasion.

Ye Wanwan quickly said, “Don’t worry! Mommy will definitely keep her promises to Tangtang!”

Not too long ago, the father and son duo at the Little House of Rose:

Si Yehan helped tuck Tangtang into his blanket. “Sleep.”

The little fella’s face was lonely. “When is Mommy coming back?”

“Very late.”

“How late is very late?” the little fella asked.

“Hard to say.”

“Did Mommy go to a social function?”

“A banquet.”

Tangtang instantly frowned. “A banquet? Do people drink at banquets?”


The little fella’s hackles immediately rose like he was facing a great enemy. “Then… then will Mommy drink?”

Si Yehan glanced at him before he nonchalantly said, “Maybe.”

Tangtang grew frantic. “But! Didn’t Mommy promise she wouldn’t drink anymore last time?”

“Do you think she listens to me?”

“But Mommy listens to Tangtang!”

Si Yehan looked calm. “Hopefully.”

Si Yehan’s ambiguous words caused the child to instantly lose his calm.

Tangtang laid on the bed. When Si Yehan was about to leave, he reached out to grab Si Yehan’s sleeves. “Daddy…”

Si Yehan stopped walking and looked at the child.

With an extremely conflicted expression, the child said, “Can we go and pick up Mommy?”

“It’s very late already. You should sleep.”

The child grew anxious. “But I’m worried about Mommy…”

And so, at Baby Tangtang’s adamant request, Si Yehan had no choice but to “reluctantly” take him to pick up Ye Wanwan.

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