Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1200 - What, did you think I liked men?

Chapter 1200: What, did you think I liked men?

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At a certain mansion in Imperial City:

Han Xianyu took off his elegant, high-end tailored jacket and walked to his wine cabinet. He opened a bottle of red wine, poured a glass, and walked to the balcony.

Behind him, Fei Yang couldn’t help but feel surprised that Han Xianyu was drinking at this time of night.

Han Xianyu’s life was very disciplined and healthy. Unless he needed to attend a social function or entertain his friends, he rarely drank by himself.

However, this wasn’t too odd. Maybe he was drinking a glass or two because he was in quite a good mood due to their agency’s overwhelming victory.

Fei Yang didn’t scrutinize this minor detail. He exuberantly followed Han Xianyu and started gossiping, “My goodness! Tonight’s news was too frightening, wasn’t it?! Ye Bai was actually Ye Mufan’s sister, Ye Guanguan. This is simply…”

“It’s Wanwan, the ‘Wan’ from ‘Long hair wounds a monarch’s heart’,” Han Xianyu interrupted Fei Yang and corrected him as he stood in front of the balcony and looked at the ink-colored night.

“Oh oh, right! Wanwan, Ye Wanwan! Xianyu, you don’t know but the entire industry has exploded! Every single one of my group chats is talking about this, and my phone is about to explode from these people calling me! Sh*t, I’m also completely dumbfounded. I only learned about this tonight, alright? However, Xianyu, you, on the other hand, already knew about this!”

As Fei Yang spoke, he remembered something and suddenly slapped his head. “Sh*t! Could it be… could it be the woman you were in a scandal with last time was Ye Bai?”

Han Xianyu sipped his wine but didn’t say anything, implicitly agreeing.

Realization dawned on Fei Yang. “F*ck me! No wonder! I was wondering why you would suddenly care about a girl so much! For her, you caught someone cheating and also fought for her justice! Also also, I also realized your attitude toward Ye Bai’s been weirder and weirder lately. You were absurdly gentle. I was wondering why you were so considerate and gentle to a man! You almost made me think, ahem…”

Think that you turned gay…

Fei Yang stopped himself in time. He turned to look at Han Xianyu like his world was crumbling down on him. “So… Ye… Ye Bai’s really female?”

“If not?” Han Xianyu finally spoke. He glanced at Fei Yang and swallowed a sip of red wine before slowly saying, “What, did you think I liked a man?”

Han Xianyu’s low voice dissipated in the night breeze.

Fei Yang didn’t process what this sentence meant at first. Three seconds later, he looked up at Han Xianyu with a swish with a dramatic change in expression.

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!

What did Xianyu mean?

D-did… did he admit… he liked Ye Bai?!?!?!

Fei Yang was rooted to his spot from the shock.

He stared at Han Xianyu, flabbergasted. He seemed to have learned something remarkable. “Uh, Xianyu… you… you like Ye Bai?”

Han Xianyu remained silent.

Although Han Xianyu didn’t say anything, Fei Yang had been by Han Xianyu’s side for too long and knew him too well. Fei Yang could guess from his eyes.

Moreover, he already noticed something amiss with Han Xianyu before he found out Ye Bai was a girl.

After Fei Yang calmed down, he thought, ‘Thank goodness Ye Bai’s a woman and Xianyu didn’t turn gay!’

Ye Bai had given Han Xianyu a hand during his most difficult time. Later, their thoughts collided in every respect. Thinking back on it, considering the fact that Ye Bai was female, it wasn’t strange that Han Xianyu ended up liking Ye Bai.

Fei Yang lightly coughed and probed, “Um… Then what do you plan to do? Do you need to… confess or something?”

Han Xianyu drank his glass of red wine in one gulp. “Not every type of feeling needs to be verbalized.”

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