Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1198 - Tangtang-brand floral pruner

Chapter 1198: Tangtang-brand floral pruner

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She was just fretting over how immensely difficult it was to prune this peach blossom and Tangtang appeared.

What was more effective than Tangtang’s pruner?

Gong Xu’s eyes shot open and his face filled with disbelief. “Th-that’s impossible!”

Ye Wanwan lightly coughed. “Uh…”

However, before Ye Wanwan could say anything, Ye Mufan piped in, “How’s it impossible? This is my sister’s son! If you don’t believe it, look at this child’s face! His eyes, nose, and mouth are identical to my sister’s!”

He didn’t care anymore. An enemy’s enemy was a friend. Taking care of Gong Xu was the most important matter at hand.

This punk had a worse reputation than him, so how could he allow this punk to tarnish his sister?

Gong Xu instantly turned to look at the tiny child hugging Ye Wanwan.

This child was absurdly beautiful, a noble aura emanating from him despite his young age.

He stared at the child for a long time and wanted to prove that Ye Mufan was lying. What he tragically realized was that Ye Wanwan and the child looked more and more similar the more he looked at them…

There wasn’t any disharmony when the mother and son duo were standing together!

D*mn! I wanted to graft the flower but it turns out… it turns out the tree bore fruit already?!

As Ye Wanwan hugged Tangtang, she worriedly looked around. “Where’s Daddy?”

Why did Tangtang run over by himself first? Si Yehan should be nearby, right?

She was immensely glad he didn’t stumble onto that scene just now!

She had been unlucky so many times, but her luck finally shone for once!

Tangtang replied, “Daddy went to the back to get something for you.”

Ye Wanwan mumbled, “Oh, I see…” That’s wonderful!

“Tangtang, you’re truly Mommy’s lucky star!” Ye Wanwan smacked another smooch on Tangtang’s cheek.

He helped her take care of such a gigantic danger before Si Yehan arrived. She was simply too blissful.

The sudden praise from Mommy caused the little fella to purse his lips with happiness all over his face.

He was originally worried Mommy would be angry he didn’t properly sleep early. Thank goodness he listened to Daddy’s words and came to pick up Mommy.

At that moment, Ye Wanwan saw a familiar figure appearing behind Tangtang and walking toward them.

Unsurprisingly, Si Yehan also came.

Ye Wanwan was once again very, very glad that Tangtang’s arrival took care Gong Xu. Otherwise, chickens would be flying every which way by now.


Ye Wanwan instantly stood up and sprinted toward Si Yehan.

Si Yehan stared at the high heels under Ye Wanwan’s feet with a frown, his face darkening slightly. “Why are you running?”

Ye Wanwan looked up and smiled like a blossoming flower. “Because I’m happy to see you!”

Her arms were around his waist, but Si Yehan silently placed the box he was holding onto the ground. “Change your shoes.”

After the box was opened, a pair of comfortable sandals was revealed.

This was what Tangtang said he went to grab?

Ye Wanwan’s eyes glitteringly stared at Si Yehan like he was a little angel who’d grown a pair of wings. “Help me put them on~”

Si Yehan intently stared at her for a moment before making her hold his shoulders. Then he bent down and helped her switch into the sandals.

Although he had a cold expression, his movements as he helped her change her shoes were incomparably careful.

Ye Wanwan plastered herself onto him as soon as he straightened back up. “Also, also, also! Did you see the message I sent you? We won two Best Actors and one Best Actress tonight! You haven’t complimented me yet!”

Si Yehan replied, “Not bad.”

Ye Wanwan’s face fell when she heard that. She was in utter disbelief. “That’s all???”

Si Yehan glanced at her gloomy and extremely disappointed expression. After a brief hesitation, he bent over and laid a feather-light kiss on her lips.

Behind them, the completely forgotten Gong Xu: “…”

I should be under the car instead of next to the car so I can’t see how sweet you two are…

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