Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1197 - His timing was too opportune

Chapter 1197: His timing was too opportune

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Gong Xu: “…”

Gong Xu seriously considered it. Making Brother Ye turn into a soft girl was truly impossible.

Also… he realized… he seemed to like this side of Little Candied Plum more…

Hence, Gong Xu had no choice but to silently bag his tears and tragically mend his emotions. Then he started his confession, “Brother Ye… you know… I like Little Candied Plum… I’ve liked her since the first time I met her…”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “I’ve also used Ye Bai’s mouth to tell you that you weren’t Little Candied Plum’s type from the start.”

Ye Wanwan’s words were like an arrow to Gong Xu’s heart.

I’m not Little Candied Plum’s type! Meaning I’m not Brother Ye’s type!

Ye Wanwan paused briefly before she continued, “Also, Gong Xu, you should also know that I have a boyfriend.”

Gong Xu was just prepared to confess and was instantly smashed down by Ye Wanwan’s hammer with a “bang.” He was dumbstruck.


Ye Bai has a boyfriend…

This means… Little Candied Plum does as well!

Although Ye Bai also said Little Candied Plum was in a relationship already, he always thought it was an excuse from Ye Bai. However, he had seen Ye Bai’s boyfriend with his own eyes!

More importantly, Ye Bai’s boyfriend was especially, especially, especially, especially handsome!

However, he finally found his Little Candied Plum after great tribulations, so how could he give up so easily?

Gong Xu gritted his teeth. “So what if you’re already a taken flower! This young master will still graft you to my side! There isn’t a flower this young master can’t graft!”

Ye Wanwan felt a headache coming on and sighed. She knew this guy wouldn’t be pacified so easily.

In truth, Gong Xu’s matter was a bit difficult to handle. After all, the two of them still had to work together in the future. If she didn’t handle it well, it would definitely affect their relationship later.

How could she completely kill Gong Xu’s feelings and make sure they wouldn’t flare up in the slightest in the future…

At that moment, pattering footsteps came from behind her.

Ye Wanwan subconsciously turned toward the sound. Around the corner, a fair and delicate child was swiftly flying toward her like a freed little bird.


“Tangtang…” Joy filled Ye Wanwan’s eyes when she saw Tangtang.

Ye Wanwan instantly found her arms full of a child. “Baby, why are you here?”

The little fella’s face was flushed from excitement. “Mommy, Tangtang came to pick you up!”

Ye Wanwan had entertained people for an entire night, but she felt herself recuperating lightning fast with this soft little bun in her arms. “Baby is so good!”

Tangtang had been informed he couldn’t call her “Mommy” when she was in male clothes. But Ye Wanwan was in female clothes right now, so Tangtang called her “Mommy” without any worry. He had no idea about the great explosive effect him calling her “Mommy” had on a certain person now.

Behind them, Gong Xu was flabbergasted as he looked at the tiny child. “W-what… w-what did you call her? You’re her son?”

Brother Ye brought this child with him once, but wasn’t he the son of Brother Ye’s friend?

It felt too magical to hear a tiny child calling Brother Ye “Mommy”…

Tangtang’s large, dark eyes alertly and displeasedly glanced at the “Little yellow chick.” This little yellow chick coveted his mommy and also doubted whether he was his mommy’s baby.

Ye Wanwan sensed the little fella’s unhappiness, so she quickly patted his head in comfort. Then a thought flashed in her mind and she looked at Gong Xu and said, “He’s really my son.”

Tangtang’s timing was too opportune!

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