Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1196 - I can’t soften

Chapter 1196: I can’t soften

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Gong Xu’s gaze was evasive but he also longingly snuck peeks at the girl. His mind crumbled the more he peeked.

Although he remarkably wanted to see Brother Ye wearing female clothes—this desire was even more intense than his desire to see Little Candied Plum—he never would’ve expected it to be in this fashion…

“Brother Ye! How… how could you be like this?!”


“Why did you lie to me?!”

“If you didn’t use your power tyrannically and bullied my artist, I wouldn’t have used such special methods.” Ye Wanwan looked exasperated.

Back then, she and Gong Xu were on opposing sides. This punk was too much of a scoundrel, so she made use of this opportunity.

When Luo Chen heard Ye Wanwan, he was shocked briefly before his expression instantly turned warm.

Back then, Gong Xu was still on the same side as Zhou Wenbin. Gong Xu used his power and overbearingly wanted to steal the secondary supporting role that he obtained with difficulty in Terrifying Dragon 2 . He thought he was finished and was even prepared to accept his fate and go to Zhou Wenbin…

To his surprise, Brother Ye rescued him again.

In contrast to Luo Chen’s reminiscent gratefulness, Gong Xu’s heart felt like it was stung by a hive of bees. “You… all you know is that Luo Chen is your person! What about me then?”

Ugh! Utterly driving me mad!

Ye Wanwan said, “You really weren’t back then, but you are now. Aren’t I telling the truth now?”

When Gong Xu heard Ye Wanwan’s “you are now,” his howl broke off. “If… if I wasn’t such a scoundrel back then… and didn’t bully Luo Chen… would you have not lied to me then?”

“If you weren’t that scoundrel back then, I wager we probably wouldn’t have met, no?”

Gong Xu thought about it. That was true. If things happened differently, I wouldn’t have left Zhou Wenbin and followed Ye Bai.

“Anything else you want to say?” Ye Wanwan decided to resolve everything now. Otherwise, who knew how long this guy would have his knickers in a knot with his personality?

Gong Xu immediately said, “I do! I… I have something to say to you… Wait, no… I have something to say to Little Candied Plum! I must say it this second! I can’t wait a millisecond longer!”

He had waited a long time already to say these words intended for Little Candied Plum.

Ye Mufan couldn’t help shouting, “What else could you possibly have to say?!”

Gong Xu was so aggrieved that he nearly started crying. “The girl I’ve liked for so long and spent so much time searching for ended up being right under my nose. I also offended my elder brother-in-law so greatly. I’m already so miserable. Why can’t I say a few words to Little Candied Plum?”

“Hey! Who’s your elder brother-in-law?!”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Ye Mufan, telling him to stop provoking Gong Xu.

Truthfully speaking… Gong Xu… was rather tragic this time…

Ye Mufan vigilantly stared at Gong Xu and grumbled at Ye Wanwan, “Wanwan, why are you listening to his nonsense?! This punk doesn’t have any pure intentions toward you! He wants to seduce you!”

Ye Wanwan gave Ye Mufan side-eye. “So what are you worrying about? With my man’s looks, do I look like someone who can be easily seduced?”

Ye Mufan choked. “…”

Gong Xu felt pain piercing him when he saw Ye Mufan whispering something to Ye Wanwan. His elder brother-in-law must be saying bad things about him.

Why did I have to run my mouth off? Why do I have to insult Ye Mufan all the time?!

Look at Han Xianyu, his relationship with Ye Mufan was so amicable…

After Ye Wanwan took care of Ye Mufan, she turned to Gong Xu again. “Alright, speak.”

Gong Xu took a deep breath but wilted when he was about to speak. He stared at Ye Wanwan’s face, and his face was conflicted as he made a request. “Brother Ye, can you… can you soften up a little… When I see you looking like that, I really can’t think of you as Little Candied Plum…”

Ye Wanwan answered, “I can’t soften up. Make do with it.”

Gong Xu: “…”

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