Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1195 - Quite a good result

Chapter 1195: Quite a good result

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Grandfather still needed an explanation.

Ye Wanwan and Ye Mufan walked to their grandfather together.

Ye Wanwan docilely stood in front of their grandfather and admitted her wrongs. “Grandpa, sorry. I was playing a joke on you earlier, so I didn’t immediately state I was Ye Bai… You won’t be angry, right, Grandpa?”

Although Ye Hongwei kept a stern expression, there wasn’t any reproach in his words. “You child, you even deceived Grandfather.”

Ye Yiyi and Ye Shao’an silently nearby stood; their faces were so dark that they couldn’t even hide it.

Ye Mufan was admiring Ye Yiyi and her father’s dark expressions as he said, “Haha, Grandpa, don’t take it to heart. I also didn’t recognize her at first!”

“Wanwan has really grown up…” Ye Hongwei sighed. His eyes slowly became convinced as he looked at his grandson and granddaughter. He solemnly said, “You two have done a great job this time! Grandfather knows.”

As soon as Ye Yiyi and Ye Shao’an heard this, an ominous feeling pervaded them.

Then after a brief pause, Ye Hongwei continued, “Mufan, Wanwan, come visit the office next Monday. Grandfather has something to talk to you about. Also, Shao’an, inform the board. There’ll be a board meeting next Monday.”

In other words, Ye Hongwei wanted to fulfill his promise and announce Ye Wanwan and Ye Mufan’s return to the entire company.

Ye Mufan’s eyes brightened a few degrees. “Yes, Grandpa!”

Ye Wanwan also said, “Okay!”

Ye Shao’an met Ye Yiyi’s eyes. His face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. He nearly coughed up blood from his anger.

However, Ye Yiyi donned a generous attitude to praise Ye Wanwan. However, her nails were deeply digging into her palms.

Ye Mufan, Ye Wanwan… She really allowed these two pieces of trash to progress this far…

Was everything she obtained through great trials—the Ye family, Emperor Sky Entertainment, her honorable identity as the eldest miss of the Ye family—about to be snatched back?!

How could that be?!

The Golden Orchid banquet finally ended and the guests started to leave in batches.

In the parking garage, Gong Xu lifelessly hung from Luo Chen. Because Ye Wanwan and Ye Mufan were busy entertaining the other guests the whole night, they didn’t have time to pay attention to Gong Xu.

Hence, the poor Luo Chen and Tang Xinghuo had to keep suffering Gong Xu’s explosions.

“Impossible… how could this be possible… How could Brother Ye be a girl… How could Brother Ye be…” Gong Xu was howling when he froze and his eyes unblinkingly locked onto something in front of him. “Little Candied Plum…”

The girl walking toward them wore a black gown and had a halo of crystal lights. At this moment, Little Candied Plum and Ye Bai seemed to have merged into the same person.

The girl’s dress swayed lightly with her movements until she stopped in front of him.

Ye Wanwan chuckled. “What? Didn’t you want me to fulfill my bet? Now, the second reward is also fulfilled.”

Gong Xu dazedly stared at her. His chest of fury couldn’t be released and his face turned redder and redder.

Sh*t! Too… too good looking! I can’t be angry with her at all!!!

Especially when he thought about how the person in front of him was Ye Bai—Ye Bai, who was in female clothes…

Her killing power is too strong!

When Tang Xinghuo saw Gong Xu looking like a lovesick girl, he silently commented, “I think Ye Bai being a woman is also quite a good thing…”

Otherwise, this fool would definitely bend into a ring without even realizing

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