Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1194 - My sister likes them good-looking

Chapter 1194: My sister likes them good-looking

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However, this girl was clearly an idiot trashier than Ye Mufan, so how did she suddenly turn into a completely different person?

This was utterly absurd! He couldn’t figure it out no matter how hard he racked his brain…

After President Chen introduced her, an impenetrable crowd gathered around her.

“D-director Ye… You’re really Director Ye? No wonder I kept thinking you looked so familiar!”

“Your makeup skills are… too extraordinary… it’s better than a disguise!”

“You actually cross-dressed as a guy. Your strategy was too impressive…”

“Director Ye is utterly amazing! You have heaven-defyingly good looks regardless whether you’re dressed as male or female!”

When everyone saw Ye Wanwan earlier, they were stunned by this girl’s eye-catching face and unique aura, so they overlooked other things. They never would’ve expected her to be the same person as Ye Bai.

Ye Wanwan politely said, “My apologies. I merely wanted to work with more convenience. I didn’t mean to deceive everyone.”

Everyone expressed their understanding. “Ah, it’s nothing, it’s nothing. It’s your freedom to dress however you want! This can’t be considered deceit!”

Moreover, if Ye Wanwan worked in this industry with her appearance, it truly wasn’t safe. No wonder Ye Mufan made her use a male persona out of worry.

“That’s right, that’s right!” other people echoed in agreement.

“No wonder you said you liked men and also liked to wear female clothes, Director Ye… this was truly a giant misunderstanding, haha…”

Everyone fervidly talked around Ye Wanwan and kept pointedly glancing at Liang Shihan.

Now that the truth came out, Liang Shihan, who had jumped up and down slandering Ye Wanwan in all sorts of ways without any proof, was equivalent to a clown.

Liang Shihan turned around wanting to seek support from Ye Yiyi, only to discover that Ye Yiyi had disappeared a long time ago. Hence, she quickly fled from the crowd with her tail between her legs.

Han Qingling stood in front of Ye Wanwan and stammered with an embarrassed expression, “Ahem, Director Ye… Sorry… about earlier… I really only acted so rudely and presumptuously earlier because of a game…”

Mirth spread across Ye Wanwan’s eyes. “It’s nothing.”

Han Qingling felt like her heart was struck by lightning when Ye Wanwan faintly smiled at her.

How can she be so good-looking and so mesmerizing?!

Especially when she looked at you with a faint smile. It felt like you were lovingly being spoiled.

… Director Ye was fatal to both men and women in female clothes!

Even Han Qingling, who was a girl, was captured, let alone others.

Ye Mufan’s close roguish friends from the past had already dragged him into a corner to interrogate him.

“Sh*t! Ye Mufan! You’ve truly kept it under close wraps! You actually didn’t even tell us, your friends?”

“That’s right! You’re awful! Wait, that’s not the important thing! The important thing is… does Director Ye have a boyfriend yet? Young Master Ye, what do you think of me?” a fresh meat who went the stylish-man route asked excitedly.

Ye Mufan was indifferent. “So-so!”

The fresh meat instantly said, “No, no! Look again! Look closely! We have so many years of friendship. You can’t be that heartless, right?”

Ye Mufan maintained his cold face and rolled his eyes. “Give up! My sister likes them good-looking!”

“D*mn! Ye Mufan, what the heck do you mean?! I’m not ugly, okay?”

Ye Mufan ignored this group of playboys and abandoned them to walk toward Ye Wanwan.

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