Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1193 - Afraid enough already

Chapter 1193: Afraid enough already

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Gong Xu was still trapped in his world-turning shock.

No matter how imaginative he was, he couldn’t have imagined Little Candied Plum and Brother Ye were the same person!

While Gong Xu felt like his neurons had been put into a blender, the sound of footsteps came from behind him.

Han Xianyu walked out from behind him.

When Gong Xu saw the newcomer, he looked like he had seen his savior. He latched onto Han Xianyu. “Brother Xianyu! Brother Xianyu, did you hear? These people are crazy, right?! They must be crazy! They’re actually saying Brother Xianyu is female!!!”

Han Xianyu glanced at Gong Xu and calmly said, “Ye Bai… is really a girl.”

Gong Xu: “…”

Gong Xu was dazed when he saw Han Xianyu’s calm expression. “You knew a long time ago, Brother Xianyu?”

Han Xianyu’s gaze passed the crowd and traveled toward the girl surrounded by the crowd. “Not that long ago.”

“Not that long ago still means you knew! Sh*t! Was I the only one who didn’t know?”

Tang Xinghuo raised his hand. “I also didn’t…”

Gong Xu ignored Tang Xinghuo and looked at Luo Chen. “Blockhead, why aren’t you reacting? Are you dumbstruck?”

Luo Chen glanced dryly at him. “Is it that important whether Brother Ye is male or female?”

He already realized Ye Wanwan gave him a very familiar feeling, that inexplicably comforting feeling…

Especially when she spoke with Ye Mufan. At that moment, he nearly thought she was Brother Ye.

Gong Xu went mad. “You’re actually telling me it’s not important whether Brother Ye is male or female? Then would you also not care if I told you I’m also female right now?”

Tang Xinghuo’s body shuddered, and he quickly rubbed his arms. “I beg you to please don’t say such frightening things. I’m terrified enough already…”

At the same time, in some corner, Ye Shao’an, who kept driving a wedge between Ye Hongwei and the siblings, was flabbergasted.

There was no way he could’ve foreseen this kind of development. “Um…”

How’s this possible?!

Ye Bai is Ye Wanwan?

This is preposterous!

After listening to Chen Yanfeng’s introduction, the onlookers all walked toward Ye Hongwei and started chatting.

“Chairman Ye, congratulations, congratulations! You have such an outstanding granddaughter! Your granddaughter doesn’t concede to any men!”

“As expected of someone taught by Chairman Ye! The pupil truly surpasses the master!”

“Ay, we were all scouting the background of this Ye Bai earlier and wanted to poach him to our company! Who knew ‘he’ was Old Ye’s granddaughter!”

“Hahaha, isn’t that so? How can we poach her now?”

Ye Hongwei also evidently didn’t expect that youth he admired to be his granddaughter. She was a child of his Ye family. Emotionally, it felt like he had ridden a roller coaster. It was a bit hard to describe.

Ye Hongwei’s mood instantly brightened. “Everyone is too flattering. I’m also very shocked that this child accomplished her current achievements…”

“Chairman Ye, don’t be so humble!”

“Heh, it appears the Ye family will be in good hands!”

When Ye Shao’an heard “will be in good hands,” his teeth nearly broke from how hard he gritted them.

He was too careless. He only defended against Ye Mufan and completely forgot about Ye Wanwan.

Who knew this girl had been a sheep in wolf’s clothing the entire time and did so many things behind the scenes?

No wonder… no wonder that prodigal playboy, Ye Mufan, underwent such a drastic transformation so suddenly and turned so sharp.

It turned out it wasn’t that punk who changed. Instead, it had always been this girl pulling the strings behind him?

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