Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1192 - Drunk an entire ton of fake liquor

Chapter 1192: Drunk an entire ton of fake liquor

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Gong Xu said, “Old Man Chen must’ve drank an entire ton of fake liquor…”

Tang Xinghuo retorted, “Or we drank a ton of fake liquor…”

Luo Chen: “…”

While the banquet hall was enveloped in an uproar, Jiang Yanran came from the direction of the restrooms.

She was feeling a bit unwell after drinking some wine, so she went to the restroom.


When Jiang Yanran unexpectedly saw Ye Wanwan wearing female clothes, she was shocked. She subconsciously blurted out, “You… you switched back to female clothes?”

“Yes,” Ye Wanwan answered.

Jiang Yanran immediately grumbled regretfully, “I was hoping to be with my God Ye Bai for longer tonight…”

Ye Wanwan chuckled. “You’ll have a chance later.”

Only then did Jiang Yanran turn happy again. “That’s right! I’ve debuted now, so I can work together with you!”

She was now an artist officially under her god.

The doubtful celebrities were startled again when they heard Jiang Yanran’s words.

Instantly, many female celebrities walked to Jiang Yanran’s side to dig for news. Han Qingling quietly asked with an expression of disbelief. “Best Actress Jiang, um… Ye Bai is really a woman?”

Jiang Yanran nodded. “Yes. She’s my best friend. We attended the same senior high and lived in the same dorm room.”

Han Qingling was immediately dumbstruck.

Shoot… How did my god abruptly turn into a goddess?

She found the girl named Ye Wanwan familiar when she saw her earlier. She originally wondered if there were any blood relations between Ye Wanwan and Ye Bai since Ye Wanwan had the same surname as Ye Bai.

She never would’ve expected this to be the result!

All the other girls present looked identical to Han Qingling as they felt their adoration shattering into pieces.

Liang Shihan was ashen. “Jiang Yanran, you’re lying! Ye Wanwan… how could Ye Wanwan be Ye Bai? This is too absurd!”

It wasn’t only Liang Shihan. Ye Yiyi’s current expression was even more horrible looking.

Ye Bai!

How could Ye Wanwan, that piece of garbage, be Ye Bai?!

That scheming, fearsome Ye Bai who produced two Best Actors and one Best Actress in one night was… Ye Wanwan?

An indescribable feeling of panic flooded over her.

In the blink of an eye, every single plan of hers was derailed as though a tornado had passed by them!

Jiang Yanran glanced at Liang Shihan. “Wanwan is my manager. It was Wanwan who accompanied me when I went to audition. You were also there, Miss Liang. Didn’t you see her?”

“I…” Liang Shihan sifted through her memories. It really was Ye Wanwan who went to Jiang Yanran’s audition with her.

But, how could that be?!

A piece of garbage like Ye Wanwan only deserved to be a little assistant who did odd jobs and used her looks to seduce men! How could she be Ye Bai? How could she be the golden manager whose name reverberated in the entire entertainment industry, Ye Bai?!

However, no matter how much they were unwilling to believe it, President Chen personally explained it, so the truth was laid bare before them. They had no choice but to believe it.

Gong Xu foolishly stood in place and stared at the girl within the crowd. His face grew paler and paler as he listened to the onlookers’ discussion. Then his legs grew limp.

Luo Chen and Tang Xinghuo reached out to hold him at the same time.

Tang Xinghuo coughed lightly. “Are you okay, fool?”

Gong Xu was nearly roaring when he said, “Would you be okay if it were you?! Do I look okay to you?! Huh?”

Tang Xinghuo wiped the spit off his face. “Don’t yell at me! I’m also very shocked, alright?”

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