Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1184 - Elder brother-in-law?

Chapter 1184: Elder brother-in-law?

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When the girl next to Ye Mufan stepped in the banquet hall, the entire hall turned silent.

They originally thought the newly crowned Best Actress was good looking enough already, but she instantly turned plain-looking when compared to this girl before them.

Even Lin Qingran, who held the title “number one beauty” in the entertainment industry, couldn’t compare to this girl. If Lin Qingran was light from fireflies, then this girl was the midday sun.

Even though it was just a black gown, it didn’t dim her brilliance in the slightest. She somehow managed to carry the dark color in an eye-catching manner and was arrogantly beautiful.

A few seconds later, noise returned to the venue as countless people started talking and scouting information about her.

“Who’s the girl next to Ye Mufan? Someone in the industry? I don’t think I’ve seen her before?”

“Could it be a rookie from Age of the Immortals? Their face score is heaven-defying, isn’t it?!”

“Ahem, why are all the artists under Age of the Immortals so incredibly good-looking? Could it be that a hard requirement for entering Age of the Immortals is having a high face score?”

“Don’t guess blindly. Based on Ye Mufan’s cautious and nervous attitude, she doesn’t look like a normal artist under his agency. Could she be his female companion?”

“Female companion? But they don’t look that much like a couple…”

Currently, Gong Xu was frozen like a petrified statue as he stared at the girl next to Ye Mufan.

“F*ck me! B-beauty! I-isn’t that girl too pretty!” Tang Xinghuo, who had just been roasting Gong Xu for being uneducated, realized his vocabulary was also very poor for the first time. He really couldn’t find any other word to describe her besides pretty.

Tang Xinghuo’s eyes were shining as he quickly asked Luo Chen and Gong Xu, “Hey hey hey, who’s the girl next to Felix? Why haven’t I ever seen her before? Please introduce me and give me her number!”

The second Tang Xinghuo finished speaking, the dazed Gong Xu turned his head and maliciously glared at Tang Xinghuo. “Tang Xinghuo, you want to die?”

Tang Xinghuo speechlessly turned to Gong Xu, who looked like a hungry wolf protecting its prey. “Why are you so emotional? It’s not like I’m hitting on your wife!”

Gong Xu glared at him. “She’s my Little Candied Plum!”

Tang Xinghuo was shocked. “What did you say? She’s… she’s your Little Candied Plum?”

Ye Mufan unwillingly escorted Ye Wanwan toward Gong Xu.

With every step the girl took toward him, Gong Xu’s heart quickened a little bit. By the time she and Ye Mufan were standing in front of him, he felt like his heart was about to leap out of his chest and fly toward her.

He… he thought his feelings for Little Candied Plum had lessened…

But this re-encounter made him realize his feelings hadn’t changed at all.

Ye Mufan brought Ye Wanwan to Gong Xu and impatiently said, “You’ve already seen the person. Now you can leave and return to your daily life!”

Gong Xu was racking his mind for an opening remark but was interrupted by Ye Mufan. Old hatred and new enmities instantly mixed. “Ye Mufan! Do you want to fight?!”

Ye Mufan smiled and rotated his wrists. “Heh. I wasn’t too interested at first, but I don’t mind keeping you company if you want to.”

Ye Wanwan glanced exasperatedly at Ye Mufan. “Brother!”

Ye Mufan instantly put away his fangs at his sister’s warning. “It was this punk who wanted to fight with me…”

Gong Xu, who was yowling for a fight with Ye Mufan, felt like he was struck by lightning when he heard the girl calling Ye Mufan “Brother.” He dazedly stared at her. “What… what did you… just call Ye Mufan? Brother?”

Ye Wanwan replied, “Yes. He’s my elder brother.”

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