Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1183 - Eye-stinging taste

Chapter 1183: Eye-stinging taste

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“You finished…”

Ye Mufan’s voice trailed off when he saw his sister.

He rarely saw his sister wearing women’s clothes, aside from during the occasional visit to see their grandfather and grandmother at the old residence.

Ye Wanwan was wearing a black, form-fitting designer gown with a lace choker wrapped around her fair neck which was slender like a swan. Her dark, wavy hair languidly draped over her shoulders. Except for the make-up that intentionally turned her face more severe and striking, her face was unmade and without a single flaw. Her skin was white like snow, her brows were like a painting, her pink lips were like peach blossoms in March, and her glistening eyes looked like they were reflecting a galaxy of stars…

The phrase “absolutely unrivaled and world-turningly alluring” surfaced in Ye Mufan’s mind.

The girl before him looked more stunning than when he saw her at Grandfather’s birthday banquet.

He was already very shocked when he saw her sudden transformation at Grandfather’s birthday banquet. However, in a mere year, this girl underwent an even more astonishing transformation.

It wasn’t only her appearance but also her entire aura.

It was as though she had struggled through her cocoon layers and revealed her colorfully captivating wings, completing her metamorphosis into a butterfly…

“Brother, does this look okay?” Ye Wanwan adjusted her lace collar. “I originally did prepare a pink dress, but after struggling for half a day, I decided I really couldn’t wear such a youthful color, so I changed my mind…”

She remembered she used to quite like pink and light colors. Perhaps due to her growing age and her job, she became increasingly intolerable of colors that were too feminine. Instead, she grew to prefer black more and more.

Ye Mufan promptly shook his head. “Not okay! It’s too revealing!”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. “I only revealed a shoulder.”

“That’s still not okay! Go back in and change into something else! I happen to have a spare outfit in the trunk. Let me get it for you.” Ye Mufan quickly took out a bag from the trunk.

“Wear this! It looks good!” Ye Mufan confidently swore.

Ye Wanwan was doubtful but still accepted it out of her professional faith in Ye Mufan.

Then, Ye Wanwan took out a colorful dress from the bag…

This dress was practically a color wheel; there were at least several hundreds of colorful flowers. It was also long-sleeved and high-collared, the tail of the dress nearly reaching her heels…

It was utterly… stinging to the eyes…

This flowery dress was more terrifying than Gong Xu’s white ribbon dress!

Ye Wanwan distastefully stuffed the dress back into Ye Mufan’s arms. “I say, God Felix, how could you treat your real sister like this?”

Ye Mufan stubbornly said, “No… Wanwan, take another good look at it! This dress is truly very pretty… It’s fashionable… it’s unique. You don’t understand…”

Ye Wanwan shrugged. “Then you should keep it for yourself to admire!”

Inside the banquet venue:

Tang Xinghuo painfully shoved away Gong Xu’s face. “Stop hounding! You’ve asked 800 times already! You’re very handsome right now! You’re really, really, really, really handsome, alright? Seriously! What fairy managed to mesmerize our Young Master Gong like this?”

Tang Xinghuo was currently pacifying the unsettled Gong Xu when he saw something in his periphery. Ye Mufan was saying something to the staff member in charge of receiving guests, Xiao Cheng. Then Xiao Cheng nodded with a big grin.

Ye Mufan returned back outside before escorting a girl back inside a few seconds later…

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