Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1182 - Truly very educated

Chapter 1182: Truly very educated

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Ye Mufan grumbled, “Can’t you just… casually pacify him about it?”

Ye Wanwan wore a solemn expression. “A very important thing in a child’s education is that you must fulfill whatever you promised the child.”

Ye Mufan’s lips twitched. “A child’s education… I think you’re too deep into your pretend mother role…”

However, with Gong Xu’s IQ, there weren’t any issues with applying child education strategies to him.

After Ye Mufan finished roasting them, he worriedly asked, “Wanwan, are you doing this because of those rumors on the internet?”

Ye Wanwan said, “Those rumors are complete hearsay and won’t cause too much of an impact. I can resolve things with some public relations; it’d just be a little troublesome. But even without those rumors, I was already preparing to find an opportunity to reveal my identity, so why not today!”

It wasn’t like whether she crossdressed or not made any difference to Si Yehan, so it was time to show her hand to the Ye family.

Everyone happened to be there today, so she could take care of it all at once. It was convenient.

Ye Mufan could see the point in it, so he didn’t say anything. He merely grumbled, “That punk, Gong Xu, gets a reward for doing nothing…”

“Where are the keys to the van? My clothes and makeup box is in the trunk.”

“It’s with Dong Zai, I’ll go with you.”

Inside the banquet venue:

Gong Xu dragged Luo Chen toward him. “Blockhead! Quick, come here! Look at me!”

Luo Chen frowned. “What?”

“Take a good look at me! Look clearly! What do you feel?”

Luo Chen hesitated for a moment before he asked, “You… are green again?”

Gong Xu’s face turned dark instantly. “Blah! I’m asking you how I look! Are my clothes suitable? Is my hair messy? How’s my skin? Is there a pimple on my chin?!”


Tang Xinghuo snorted out loud. “I say, Gong Xu, what screw went loose this time?”

Gong Xu looked like a lovesick girl as he excitedly exclaimed, “I’m about to… about to see my goddess!”

Tang Xinghuo raised his brows. “Your goddess? Who’s your goddess?”

Gong Xu rolled his eyes. “Don’t you know who my goddess is?”

“Eh? Could it be the one you’ve been looking for? That Little… Little…”

“That’s right! It’s my Little Candied Plum! Brother Ye promised me that he’d let me see Little Candied Plum if I won Best Actor! He also told me Little Candied Plum would be here soon!”

After saying that, Gong Xu anxiously looked at the doorway.

Tang Xinghuo’s eyes also brightened, and his interest was piqued. “She actually managed to mesmerize you so that you mentioned her every day and stopped you from partying a whole year. Just how pretty is Little Candied Plum?”

Gong Xu looked at him disdainfully. “Pretty? How utterly superficial! Are you uneducated? Can my Little Candied Plum be merely described as ‘pretty’?”

Tang Xinghuo humbly sought instruction. “Then how should I describe her?”

Gong Xu seriously contemplated for a bit. “En… Very… Very, very, very pretty!”

Tang Xinghuo’s lips twitched. “You’re truly not superficial and very educated…”

Outside the mini bus, Ye Mufan was smoking as he waited responsibly.

Ye Wanwan changed very swiftly and finished everything in less than 10 minutes.

The sound of the door opening came from behind Ye Mufan.

Ye Mufan quickly squeezed the cigarette in his hand and stomped it out with his foot before he turned around.

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