Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1181 - Fulfill your first wish now

Chapter 1181: Fulfill your first wish now

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As though it was premeditated, the rumor invaded the internet like a nest of bees in an extremely short amount of time. It soon entered the ranks of the popular searches and “What’s Trending.”

What was most ludicrous was that someone revealed a leak in the hottest post, claiming that Ye Bai was not only gay and liked men, but that he was also a pervert who liked to secretly wear female clothes in private…

Ye Wanwan: “…”

From a certain point of view, there was indeed nothing false about those words.

She did like men and also liked to wear female clothes…

There were probably a lot of celebrities at the dinner banquet who saw these rumors already, so they were currently giving her meaningful looks.

“Steward Xu, I understand. I’ll figure out a way to resolve it.”

Ye Wanwan had just hung up Xu Yi’s call and returned when Ye Mufan quickly asked, “Wanwan, have you seen the rumors on the internet yet?”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “I just saw them.”

Ye Mufan was glowering. “D*mn it! It must be the work of Ye Yiyi and the others!”

Gong Xu stared at his phone and nearly blew off his top. “D*mn it, what the h*ll?! They’re the perverts! What’s up with the rumors about you liking to wear female clothes? It seems like they accidentally leaked out from the company group chat last time, but we were just making a bet and saying you’d wear female clothes if you lost, okay? How did it turn into you liking to wear female clothes in private?”

“Brother Ye, don’t worry, I just made a Weibo post with screenshots of the entire conversation to clear your name!”

Ye Wanwan felt her heart growing warm at Gong Xu’s extremely infuriated appearance. “Clear what name?”

“Of course it’s to clear up those rumors and tell them that you don’t have that kind of lousy hobby!”

“No need.”

“Why no need?” Gong Xu frowned. What man could tolerate this kind of rumor?

Ye Wanwan casually glanced at him. “What if they aren’t rumors?”

Gong Xu was startled and dazedly looked at Ye Wanwan. “Eh… Huh? Wh-what do you mean?”

“What if I do like men and have a hobby of wearing female clothes?”

Gong Xu instantly froze when he heard the second half of her sentence. “Huh… Huh?!”

He knew Brother Ye liked men, but liking to wear female clothes…

Gong Xu stood there, dumbfounded. Who knew what he was wildly thinking, but his face started blushing.

“N-no way, right… Seriously? Brother Ye, you… you really have that kind of hobby…?” Gong Xu’s expression was indescribable.

Ye Wanwan chuckled at Gong Xu’s frightened expression.

Gong Xu relaxed when he heard that and resentfully said, “Brother Ye, you’re playing with me!”

Ye Wanwan didn’t explain and straightened her expression. “Gong Xu, you won Best Actor, so I’ll fulfill your first wish now.”

“First wish…” Gong Xu was confused briefly before his eyes lit up brightly. “Brother Ye, you’re saying… you’ll let me see Little Candied Plum?”


Perhaps because bliss came too suddenly, but Gong Xu only processed it after being stunned for half a day. “S-seriously? Brother Ye, don’t joke with me! When? Where?”

Ye Wanwan fixed her sleeves as she said, “About 15 minutes later, here.”

Then she walked toward the door.

Ye Mufan hastily caught up and quietly asked, “Wanwan, you’re really gonna let that punk see ‘Little Candied Plum’?”

“I promised him.”

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