Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1185 - I didn’t change a brain

Chapter 1185: I didn’t change a brain

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Gong Xu was dumbstruck by the girl’s answer. His face was full of disbelief.

This irritating guy was actually Little Candied Plum’s brother?

Wasn’t Little Candied Plum’s brother Ye Bai? What did Ye Mufan have to do with her?

Gong Xu foolishly stared at Ye Mufan. “You… you are Little Candied Plum’s brother? How’s that possible?!”

“I’m truly sorry, I’m her brother indeed! I’m also her real brother from the same dad and mom!” Ye Mufan emphasized the “real brother” part.

Real brother?!

Gong Xu suddenly recalled Ye Mufan really had a sister, but how could he have predicted that the Little Candied Plum he had been persistently searching for would turn out to be Ye Mufan’s sister…

Moreover, although Ye Bai said Little Candied Plum was his sister, he didn’t say whether she was his real sister or a cousin…

Sh*t! What if Ye Mufan is the genuine elder brother-in-law? Aren’t I screwed?!

Isn’t this too illogical?! Little Candied Plum clearly resembles Ye Bai more…

While Ye Mufan was preparing to fight 300 rounds with Gong Xu, his phone rang.

Ye Mufan worriedly walked in front of Ye Wanwan and cautiously stared at Gong Xu as he ordered, “I’m going to take a call. Be careful of this punk! Don’t believe a single word he says! Understand?”

Ye Wanwan dryly glanced at Ye Mufan. “I merely changed my clothes. I didn’t change a brain.”

Ye Mufan blinked. Oh, right…

When Ye Wanwan said that, hesitation glinted in Gong Xu’s eyes.

Why do I feel like Little Candied Plum was very handsome just now…

As soon as Ye Mufan left, Gong Xu took the opportunity to step closer to Little Candied Plum.

The person he had spent so long searching for had finally appeared in person before him. He felt like he was dreaming.

“H-hello… Do you still remember me? You gave me a box of candied plums in front of the dessert shop that day.”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “I remember. I just didn’t know you were a celebrity back then.”

Gong Xu felt a blush creeping over his face. “What celebrity… I’m just messing around…”

Ye Wanwan chuckled. “I saw the Golden Orchid Awards’ award ceremony. You’re a very professional actor worthy of respect. You’re truly worthy of the title Best Actor.”

Gong Xu’s eyes shone immediately, and he felt vigor furiously filling his body. “R-really?”

At that moment, he felt like all the pain he suffered while shooting that film was worth it. He also understood the meaning behind Ye Bai’s words back then.

He was incredibly glad he worked hard previously so he didn’t look so scraggy in front of the person he liked.

Gong Xu scratched his head. “I was in too much of a hurry that day, so I didn’t have time to thank you… Later… Later, I kept searching for you…”

Tang Xinghuo watched Gong Xu tripping over himself while talking to her, and Tang Xinghuo became speechless. “Oh my god… Luo Chen, pinch me. I’m seeing things, right? Is this really still Gong Xu? He didn’t confess or ask for the girl’s number within three sentences? He’s innocently scrambling for things to say like a virgin…?”

Gong Xu immediately glared at his bad friend. “Quiet! This young master has always been pure!”

Luo Chen wasn’t at all concerned about Gong Xu’s reaction. He was more concerned about looking at the girl.

Is it my imagination?

Why… do I feel like this girl gives me a very familiar feeling…

At this moment, Ye Mufan finished his call and swiftly returned.

“Who called?” Ye Wanwan asked offhandedly.

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