Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 118: Call off the engagement!

Chapter 118: Call off the engagement!

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After hanging up, Ye Wanwan opened the post to take a look. Just as she'd predicted, Song Zi Hang came to the rescue of his princess.

Shen Meng Qi was saved and Jiang Yan Ran became the laughingstock of the school. Now the whole school knew that she was unsuccessful with her secret crush and even fought her best friend out of jealousy...

Tsk tsk, he really dared to speak up for his sweetheart and even pushed away the engagement that both families had established.

The knock on the door quickly came.

"Coming!" Ye Wanwan stood up and walked over to open the door.

"Ye..." After seeing clearly the person who opened the door for her, Jiang Yan Ran was speechless.

"Come on in!"

Listening to the familiar voice of the girl standing there, Jiang Yan Ran was in total disbelief, "You... You... You're Ye Wanwan?"

She remembered that Ye Wanwan lived alone and that there was nobody else in this dorm.

But... But the girl in front of her was prettier than the school beauty, Cheng Xue. How could she be that ugly freak, Ye Wanwan?

It was said that before Ye Wanwan started applying makeup, she was fat and ugly. After she slimmed down, she was just ugly.

Everybody, including herself, thought that Ye Wanwan applied such heavy makeup to hide her ugly looks due to some inferiority complex. Without it, she would've given up on herself.

Qing He was Imperial City's most aristocratic school. It had rigorous teaching methods but it was considered open--like international schools, they promote individualism and diversity and didn't restrict students' style of dress or makeup but everyone put in a lot of effort to reflect well on their families' backgrounds. Ye Wanwan was the only one who embarrassed herself like that.

Ye Wanwan led Jiang Yan Ran through the door and poured her a cup of water, "Sit anywhere you like."

Since they were already in the same league and Jiang Yan Ran was a girl, she didn't bother applying her makeup all over again.

"Are you really Ye Wanwan?" Jiang Yan Ran still felt like she was dreaming.

"Do you need me to return to my usual self to prove my identity?" Ye Wanwan picked the green wig up.

"No... No need..." Jiang Yan Ran waved hurriedly, "But... Why do you make yourself look that way every day?"

Ye Wanwan lifted her brows, "What's wrong with how I look every day? Don't I look good?"

"..." Regarding Ye Wanwan's aesthetic taste, Jiang Yan Ran was speechless.

It was Ye Wanwan's right to choose to dress any way she liked. Jiang Yan Ran was simply shocked that Ye Wanwan looked so beautiful without her makeup but it wasn't her business. After glancing at Ye Wanwan several times, unable to restrain herself, she got down to business and asked, "You really have a plan?"

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and didn't keep her guessing. She replied directly, "If you trust me, then the first thing you need to do is get your parents to call off the engagement with the Song family immediately!"

Also, it had to be as soon as possible!

She remembered that around this time in her previous life, the Jiang family almost emptied their pockets to support the Song family and helped the Song family successfully clinch a big project with the government. This helped the Song family to rise from a small company to a company that was on par with the Jiang family, like a carp leaping into the dragon's gate. From there, the Song family's company surpassed the Jiang family year after year...

Jiang Yan Ran face turned pale instantly, "What? Call off the engagement..."

Ye Wanwan raised her brows, "Don't tell me you still haven't given up on him yet and want to marry him?"

"How could that be! I only want him to be remorseful now!" Jiang Yan Ran's expression was slightly confused, "But, Ye Wanwan, it's not as simple as you think. Both our families' companies have many business dealings and projects together and if I suddenly ask my parents to call off the engagement, this would affect us greatly! We have to give this some more thought..."

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