Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 117: I'll work with you!

Chapter 117: I'll work with you!

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By the small lake in school:

Jiang Yan Ran sat there for almost two whole hours. All the while, Song Zi Hang called her to negotiate several times with threats and warnings.

When she thought about Song Zi Hang's disappointment and disgust towards her, she felt as if her heart was pierced by a knife.

But making her delete the post--how could she swallow this down?

Just as she was thinking, she scrolled through her phone casually and saw that there was a new reply under that post. Her pupils contracted in an instant.

"I seek for her a thousand times in my dreams"... This familiar ID obviously belonged to Song Zi Hang.

I seek for her a thousand times in my dreams: [Everybody, I'm Song Zi Hang! Firstly, I have nothing to do with Jiang Yan Ran--the engagement was just a joke between our families. Secondly, Shen Meng Qi didn't kiss me voluntarily; it was me who was unable to hold back from kissing a beauty like her. Meng Qi also didn't mention us being together after graduating. She only said that she wanted to study hard now. Thirdly, I've only liked one person from the beginning, Shen Meng Qi! Come at me if you have anything to say. Don't hurt innocent people!]

"Song Zi Hang! You're good... good..." Reading each and every word of defence, Jiang Yan Ran bit down hard on her lips as the taste of blood filled her mouth.

And the replies following that post were gashed at her heart like knives...

[Wow! The original proprietor has appeared! I suddenly find captain Song very dashing!]

[Am I the only person who pities Jiang Yan Ran? She knew Song Zi Hang first, right? In the end, she was wrenched to the corner just like that! Furthermore, Song Zi Hang's words might not be completely true!]

[But there is no way around this; in relationships, there have to be two people in love with each other! He already said that he never liked her and it was just wishful thinking on her part! Blame it on her inability to get him. What has that got to do with Shen Meng Qi?]

[Song Zi Hang's choice was also indisputable, right? If it was me, I would choose the class beauty as well! Hahaha...]


Although with regards to what Song Zi Hang said, there were still some people who were suspicious and felt that maybe he said those things on purpose to defend Shen Meng Qi. But Song Zi Hang's reply still managed to change the course of the discussion and even boosted the popularity of Shen Meng Qi in Qing He.

At the same time, Ye Wanwan returned to her dorm.

She wasn't sure why but she felt that the sentence she said by chance tonight, "The kind of like where I want to sleep with you" sounded strangely familiar, like she'd said this phrase to someone at some point in the past but that person definitely wasn't Gu Yue Ze. After all, she remembered every single thing she ever said to Gu Yue Ze clearly.

Damn... I said something like that to someone and forgot who he was. How could I do something so degrading?!

Ye Wanwan cleared the rubbish thoughts in her mind and was just about to go to bed when her phone suddenly rang. The display showed Jiang Yan Ran's name.

Ye Wanwan raised her brows and answered, "Hello?"

The moment the call was connected, Jiang Yan Ran's emotional voice came through the receiver immediately, "Ye Wanwan! You're not allowed to delete that post! I agree to work with you in any way you'd like! I just want Song Zi Hang to be regretful! I want Shen Meng Qi to pay the price!"

What a sudden change in attitude!

It seemed like Shen Meng Qi had already sorted things out with Song Zi Hang and got him to prove her innocence personally...

"No problem," Ye Wanwan replied.

"Tell me what I should do right now!"

"Don't rush, my big missy, you can come over to my room first and we can take our time discussing it." Ye Wanwan just finished speaking before realising that her words sounded weird, like they went wrong somewhere.

Like a classic line in the unspoken rule of the entertainment circle...

"Alright, I'll be there right away!" Jiang Yan Ran naturally didn't know that Ye Wanwan, who knew women very well, was already driving in her heart. She agreed without a second thought.

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