Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 116: A day of jubilation for everybody

Chapter 116: A day of jubilation for everybody

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And probably because she just got rejected, Shen Meng Qi took her anger out on her. She said in an extremely malicious tone with a face full of contempt as she stared at her and told her everything she had done.

She told her how she played her like a fool all these years, gloating about how she sent her elder brother packing after she'd used him and formed an alliance with her greatest nemesis, Ye Yiyi. She cursed her to death viciously and snarled that she wasn't good enough for Si Ye Han...

She fought and struggled for so many years, resisted for so many years, all for a greedy and cruel playboy.

Her best friend whom she treated like her real younger sister, had harmed her from the beginning; shooting for her husband and hoping for her to die.

Everybody whom she loved and trusted was all gone within a day and her world fell apart...

She couldn't remember anything that happened after that as her mental state was in a terrible condition. She didn't even know who caused her death.

The only thing that she could recall was that in the dark, her whole body was in pain like her soul was being burnt...

After all, there were many people who wanted her dead in this world: Shen Meng Qi, Ye Yiyi, Qin Ruo Xi...

Especially Qin Ruo Xi. After all, she snatched the position of Mrs Si away from her.

With Qin Ruo Xi's family background, she just had to play some tricks to make Ye Wanwan into the enemy of the Si family. From the esteemed old madam of the Si family down to the senior clan members, there wasn't a single person who didn't want to vacate the stain by Si Ye Han's side.

She naturally suspected that Si Ye Han was at fault...

Could it be that he was still upset about letting me go and since he couldn't have me, he thought he might as well get rid of me?

This thought sent a chill to the bottom of her heart.

After all, with Si Ye Han's personality in her previous life, it was really surprising for him to allow her to leave so easily. It was very hard for her to believe that he'd truly let her go.

However, on the other hand, she should thank Si Ye Han.

If it hadn't been for him, she would never have learnt the truth and seen the true colours of all the people surrounding her.

She wasn't sure what kind of accident happened later but she hadn't recovered from all the shock or begun plotting for revenge when she inexplicably died of an unnatural death.

"What're you thinking about?" The man's low warning rang in her ears.

That moment just now and the expression on the girl's face made him feel uncomfortable.

She was obviously by his side but it seemed like she could vanish any time.

For the first time, he realised that he couldn't see through her.

He couldn't stand the feeling of being out of control.

Ye Wanwan looked at his unhappy face and said innocently, "Of course I was thinking about you!"

Damn, I'm not even allowed to be distracted in front of him?

Do you want to empty my brain, enter it and sit on the throne?!

Must you be so overbearing?

Although the girl's tone was undeniably fake, his face still eased up, "Head back quickly and don't wander about."

"Got it, I haven't missed a single class recently alright? I haven't been late and never left early either!" Ye Wanwan unbuckled her seat belt, bid him farewell as usual and got off the car, "Good night!"

The split second before Ye Wanwan got off, she noticed that the rack at the front of the car seat contained a pile of home tutoring materials.

Seeing this, Ye Wanwan's heart skipped a beat.

Is he getting me home tutoring materials to stop me from going to school?

If she hadn't fought and stood up for herself just now, did that mean she would've been grounded in Jin garden tonight?

So close...

A long time after Ye Wanwan left, Xu Yi was still dazed in the driver's seat, unable to regain his senses.

When he witnessed Ye Wanwan threatening 9th master, he was so afraid that his soul nearly vanished. In the end, Ye Wanwan beat 9th master with a rod then fed him a sweet date; she was completely fine even after scratching the tiger's whiskers and even stuffed his whole stomach with dog kibbles...

Furthermore, didn't 9th master intend to stop Ye Wanwan from attending school anymore?

He had braced himself for a world war but nothing happened in the end...

"Xu Yi." After a moment of silence, Si Ye Han suddenly spoke without warning.

"Uh... Yes! 9th master, what can I do for you?" It's all over, he's still going to flip out . Xu Yi's nerves were extremely tensed.

Si Ye Han's gaze followed the little figure in the night as he spoke calmly, "Your salary this month will be doubled, along with all the servants in Jin garden."

Xu Yi was speechless, "Uh..."

May I know... What happened...

This good fortune has come too abruptly!

Xu Yi was dumbstruck for at least three minutes before regaining his senses, could it be... because Ye Wanwan just said that she "liked him more and more "?

So, should we all celebrate?


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