Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 115: Flashback

Chapter 115: Flashback

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Ye Wanwan was dizzy as her brain lacked oxygen and she was left in a trance.

Even after living two lives, she still couldn't figure out what kind of feelings this guy had for her.

In her previous life, her death was simply too sudden.

She remembered that at that time, after a big fight, Si Ye Han finally agreed to the divorce.

She took the divorce certificate and the first thing she did was look for Gu Yue Ze.

With Shen Meng Qi misleading her intentionally, she had always thought that she stood a chance from the start. She thought that Gu Yue Ze still loved her and wanted to save her but he couldn't do anything as he was suppressed by Si Ye Han's power...

After she had completed the divorce procedures, Si Ye Han actually allowed her to leave. And not just that; he even drove her to Gu Yue Ze personally.

However, as she went to find him with a heart full of hope at the apartment which her father bought for her, initially intended for her and Gu Yue Ze's honeymoon, she saw Gu Yue Ze and Ye Yiyi rolling on the bed naked.

She stood by the door in a daze and saw everything through the gap in the door. Her pain was deepened after she learned the heart-wrenching truth from Gu Yue Ze and Ye Yiyi's dialogue.

Her father's loss of power from beginning to end was conspired by Ye Yiyi and her second uncle, even Gu Yue Ze took part in it. He was already secretly together with Ye Yiyi while he was still dating Ye Wanwan.

Her stupidity was the true culprit that harmed her whole family!

She pushed the door open and stormed in to yell at that adulterous pair like a madwoman. Finally, what she got were Gu Yue Ze's disgust and Ye Yiyi's arrogant contempt and ridicule; each and every word pricked her bleeding heart.

"Ye Wanwan, why don't you look in the mirror, just look at yourself. Gu Yue Ze isn't blind, what crazy man would like you?"

"Did you know how disgusted Yue Ze was when you clung to him with your fat body? Now, you look like neither human nor ghost. Where did you get the confidence to think that Yue Ze would fall for a repulsive and idiotic person like you?"

"Plot against you?! So what if I did? You can only blame yourself for being so stupid. Anyway, this was all because you shamelessly used your dad's power and status to force Yue Ze into marrying you first!"

"Wanwan, sorry, I've only had feelings for Yiyi all along!"


She wasn't sure how she managed to leave that place; she was in so much pain that she lost her senses as she went to find Shen Meng Qi to pour her heart out to her as usual...

What she didn't expect to find was Si Ye Han at the door of Shen Meng Qi's villa.

And Shen Meng Qi... was actually confessing her love to Si Ye Han!

She heard Shen Meng Qi saying, "Mr Si, I like you. I fell for you the first time I met you. I really don't understand why Wanwan doesn't know how to treasure such a good man like yourself. If it was me... I'd definitely give my all to you..."

She'd just divorced Si Ye Han and this best friend of hers who had always been standing by her side and complained about Si Ye Han with her, actually turned her back and confessed to her ex-husband!

She was completely stunned then and didn't hear what Si Ye Han said. She only remembered that Si Ye Han's expression remained cold; he probably rejected her and Shen Meng Qi's bashful face turned pale in an instant.

After Si Ye Han left, she finally regained her senses and frantically ran to confront Shen Meng Qi to ask her why she did this...

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