Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 119: Take swift action

Chapter 119: Take swift action

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Ye Wanwan smiled and replied, "How about you give this some more thought? I saw the news recently and heard that the Song family is trying to fight for a big project with the government. Your family has injected a billion into it--investing so much money within a short time, I'm afraid you guys risk your funds not turning over quickly enough and emptying the company's capital, right?

Your parents helped the Song family only because they want you to have a good life in the future. Now that you've seen that boy's true colours, you should take swift action. Do you want him to make all the gains and then use all the flesh and blood he gnawed off you to take care of Shen Meng Qi?"

In her previous life, as one of the men supporting Shen Meng Qi, Song Zi Hang continuously developed and expanded the company with the help of his in-laws. But he took out large sums of money in secret to pave the way for Shen Meng Qi and even invested in the entertainment business.

If she waited till the Song family clinched this big project before calling off the engagement, it would be too late!

Jiang Yan Ran bit her lips when she heard that and stopped hesitating. "I... I'll call my parents now... It's just that my parents were really fond of Song Zi Hang and calling off the engagement is quite a big issue. Even if I asked for it, they would just assume I was throwing a tantrum and wouldn't take me seriously. Furthermore, both families have such a big collaboration together..."

Ye Wanwan extended her hand out, "Pass me the phone and I'll make the call for you!"

Ye Wanwan recalled the news she saw on the television in her previous life: after Jiang Yan Ran took her own life, her parents cried and fainted directly in the mourning hall. Mrs Jiang passed away not long after due to grief; it was obvious that even though her parents were strict with their only daughter, Jiang Yan Ran, they loved her deeply too.

Although breaking off the engagement might cause a lot of trouble, she felt that Jiang Yan Ran's parents would definitely stand on their daughter's side.

"You're making the call for me?" Jiang Yan Ran asked hesitantly.

Actually, up till now, she still felt that she was just desperately grasping at straws and didn't trust Ye Wanwan completely. But looking at this girl's eyes, gave her an unconscious desire to believe her.

Alas, Jiang Yan Ran agreed.

Ye Wanwan dialled Jiang Yan Ran's mother's number using Jiang Yan Ran's phone.

"Hello, Yan Ran! Why are you calling mommy at this hour? Do you need more money?"

Hearing her mom's voice over the phone, Jiang Yan Ran's nose twitched.

On the contrary, Ye Wanwan's tone was full of terror and she exclaimed anxiously, "Auntie! I'm not Yan Ran, I'm her classmate. Hurry and come down to the school! Yan Ran jumped into the river and tried to take her own life just now..."

Jiang Yan Ran was stupefied by what Ye Wanwan said and wanted to speak up but was stopped by Ye Wanwan's glare.

The tone of Mrs Jiang's voice changed, "What did you say?! You said that our Yan Ran took her own life?! What nonsense are you talking about?! Yan Ran's perfectly fine, why would she kill herself? Are you a cheat..."

"Auntie, I'm not a cheat, I'm really Yan Ran's classmate. But don't worry, luckily we found her in time so she's not in danger. She's currently resting in my dorm; it's just that she's still quite unstable. If you don't believe me, you can make a trip down to school. Yan Ran's in my dorm at the moment..." Ye Wanwan gave her dorm room number.

Once Mrs Jiang heard that the girl wasn't trying to extort money or threaten her, she knew that she couldn't possibly be a cheat anymore. Thus, she quickly said, "Ok ok ok, I'll be there right away!"

After she hung up, Jiang Yan Ran furrowed her brows, "Wanwan, by doing this... Aren't you..."

"What? Lying? You dare to say that you weren't prepared to kill yourself just now?" Ye Wanwan asked, confident that she was right.

Jiang Yan Ran was silent.

If not for Ye Wanwan's sudden appearance, she might have really jumped in and would've lost her life...

"You've said it as well--calling off the engagement isn't child's play. It's a big issue. If we don't do something dramatic, your parents wouldn't act immediately. It's also to prevent your parents from being soft-hearted and changing their minds once the Song family simply apologises!" Ye Wanwan explained.

Jiang Yan Ran thought about it and found it reasonable as well, so she nodded instantaneously.

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