Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1178 - Then don’t I look more like a troublemaker?

Chapter 1178: Then don’t I look more like a troublemaker?

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Han Qingling added, “We were playing Truth or Dare and I lost, so I was requested to ask for your number…”

Gong Xu promptly snorted. What Truth or Dare?! Playing a game was false, but asking for a number was the real truth!

This trick was rottingly old! If she liked him, then why not be straightforward! Why was she going through so many hoops?

Ye Wanwan looked conflicted. It truly wasn’t convenient for her to give her private number to people, but it was also hard to reject a girl’s request…

Han Xianyu suddenly walked over and pulled out a business card from his inside pocket and handed it to Han Qingling. He gently said, “Sorry, it’s not too convenient for Ye Bai. How about I give you mine? This is my private number.”

Han Qingling stared dazedly at Han Xianyu’s face, which was gentle like a spring breeze, and her face blushed fiery red. “Yes, yes! Of course that works!”

Only after Han Qingling finished talking did she remember that the dare was to get Ye Bai’s number.

However, this was Han Xianyu’s private number! This wasn’t a loss!

Han Qingling instantly left with the number, feeling satisfied.

Behind them, Fei Yang foolishly stared at Han Xianyu.

D*mn! Something’s wrong! There’s absolutely something wrong with Xianyu!

Han Xianyu was a rare clear stream in the industry. He never had rumors and always maintained his distance between himself and female celebrities. Very few people knew his private number.

In order to help Ye Bai get out of trouble, he didn’t hesitate to give his private number to some girl?

Ye Wanwan breathed a sigh of relief and clinked her juice with Han Xianyu’s cup. “Thank you!”

“No problem.”

Gong Xu felt pain gripping his heart. “D*mn it! I’ve lost, I’ve lost! You can perform that kind of maneuver?! Old ginger is still spicier than young ginger! I should’ve gone up myself!”

Tang Xinghuo mercilessly undermined him. “Your private number is utterly worthless, okay?”

Ye Mufan couldn’t help but whisper to Ye Wanwan. “Ah, Han Xianyu is truly quite decent. Wanwan, won’t you think about it?”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at her brother. “Why do you keep wanting to break up an affectionate couple?”

Ye Mufan rubbed his nose. “For no reason other than because that punk looks like a troublemaker based on his looks alone…”

“Then don’t I look more like a troublemaker?”


In some nearby corner:

Ye Shao’an was chillingly staring at Ye Mufan and Ye Wanwan. “Yiyi, are you confident?”

Ye Yiyi hummed. “Ye Bai’s thinking is too deep. I truly can’t get a good grasp of it, but I’ll try my best.”

Ye Shao’an looked contemptuous. “A person like him strives for either money or power. Whatever Ye Mufan can provide for him, we can give it in a hundred or thousand fold. As long as we can give a good price, why wouldn’t we succeed in poaching him?”

Ye Yiyi frowned. The feeling that Ye Bai gave her was truly too threatening.

A person who could climb to this height within a year naturally wasn’t anyone ordinary.

“What if… he declines?” Ye Yiyi asked.

Ye Shao’an looked arrogant. “Decline? Why would he decline? Unless he’s an idiot! But does Ye Bai look like an idiot to you? Anyway, my dear daughter, how could it be a failure when you’re going yourself?”

Ye Yiyi nodded, agreeing with Ye Shao’an’s point.

A moment later, Ye Yiyi found an opportunity when Ye Bai was by himself and silently walked toward him.

Because Ye Wanwan couldn’t drink, she was standing by the pastries, looking for something to eat. When she turned around, she discovered Ye Yiyi had walked toward her at some point in time.

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