Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1179 - You probably can’t afford it

Chapter 1179: You probably can’t afford it

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Ye Wanwan nodded in greeting. “Miss Ye.”

There was an elegant and graceful smile on Ye Yiyi’s face. “Director Ye… Say, it must be a stroke of fate that Director Ye’s surname is also Ye. Perhaps we share a common ancestor?”

A sneer rose on Ye Wanwan’s face at Ye Yiyi’s method of claiming familiarity. “Is that so?”

“May I ask Director Ye a question?”

Ye Wanwan answered, “Of course.”

“Why must Director Ye follow Ye Mufan so staunchly and loyally? Director Ye must know the rumors about Mufan, right?”

“Is this question important?”

Ye Yiyi smiled. “I just find it a pity. A fine bird chooses a flourishing tree to nest in. A talented individual like Director Ye deserves a better platform.”

Ye Wanwan swished the juice in her cup and furtively said, “Miss Ye wants to… poach me?”

Ye Yiyi didn’t expect Ye Wanwan to be so direct and forego any roundabouts. “I wager there’s no one who doesn’t want to recruit talent like Director Ye, right? However, I’m afraid there aren’t many companies who can give the appropriate price except for our Emperor Sky.”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “May I ask… what price is Miss Ye prepared to give me?”

Upon seeing an opportunity, Ye Yiyi turned joyous and quickly said, “I can give you terms that are second only to Zhu Boyang!”

Zhu Boyang was the chief golden manager at Emperor Sky Entertainment. He took 20 years to reach that position, but Ye Yiyi was giving Ye Wanwan terms that were second only to Zhu Boyang. Ye Yiyi was truly putting in her capital.

As though Ye Yiyi was certain Ye Bai would be tempted, she continued to confidently say, “Of course, the condition is that you must bring Luo Chen, Gong Xu, and Jiang Yanran over to Emperor Sky. If you can also bring Han Xianyu and Fei Yang over, you can list whatever terms you want!”

Ye Wanwan abruptly chuckled. “List whatever I want?”

“That’s right.”

Ye Wanwan sipped some of her bright red strawberry juice, the redness further adding to the alluring quality of her exquisite and gorgeous face. “However, I’m afraid you can’t afford the terms I want.”

Ye Yiyi smiled. “You can try us, Director Ye. If Emperor Sky Entertainment can’t afford it, I’m afraid not many other companies could afford it, no?”

Ye Wanwan stared at her, the humor in her eyes gradually transforming into icy snow. Then she stressed every word as she said, “What if… the terms I want is… the entire Ye family?”

Ye Yiyi’s confident expression promptly froze; even her perpetual elegance and graceful mask shattered and transformed into rage. “You… Ye Bai! What a big appetite you have!”

He actually wants the entire Ye family?

Is he mad?!

Ye Wanwan smiled. “Apologies, Eldest Miss Ye. If you want to poach me, then fulfill my requests. Otherwise, let’s not waste time.”

Ye Yiyi’s expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot as she watched Ye Bai leaving languidly.

Since their conversation had reached this point, it naturally couldn’t continue. Ye Yiyi swiftly returned to the corner to Ye Shao’an.

“Yiyi, how’d it go?” Ye Shao’an urgently asked.

If they were able to poach Ye Bai, then Ye Mufan would be a toothless tiger and everything would be readily solved.

“Ye Bai said…”

Ye Shao’an rashly interrupted, “Said what? We can agree to any of his requests! Even if he wants to be above Zhu Boyang, it’s not out of the question!”

“He said… Unless we give him the entire Ye family…”

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