Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1177 - If you're so capable, poach even the cooking pots!

Chapter 1177: If you’re so capable, poach even the cooking pots!

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As soon as Ye Mufan heard Ye Yiyi’s words, he immediately shot to high vigilance and defensively stood in front of Ye Wanwan. “Sorry, he doesn’t have time!”

Then he turned to seek permission from his grandfather. “Grandfather, Ye Bai and I will go over there to greet a friend.”

Ye Hongwei nodded. “Go on!”

Ye Mufan quickly led Ye Wanwan away.

“Discuss my a**! A person who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions! I could tell Ye Yiyi wanted to seduce you with a glance!” Ye Mufan cursed as he walked.

Ye Wanwan gave him side-eye. “What are you so nervous about? Could I possibly be seduced?”

Ye Mufan was startled and thought about it. Oh, right.

Ye Yiyi thought she was so clever and wanted to poach the corner of his wall. What she didn’t know was that Ye Bai wasn’t the corner of his wall; Ye Bai was the entire house.

If you’re so capable, poach even the cooking pots!

For tonight’s banquet, the organizers reserved the entire Jialan Bar and decorated the entire bar in a dreamy and luxurious style.

By the bar counters, guests chatted over drinks in groups. In the hall, all the magnates conversed cheerfully. The sound of music was heard, and everyone invited each other to dance on the dance floor.

There was a group of young men and women surrounding Ye Bai. Many girls were itching to take the initiative to invite Ye Bai to dance.

Gong Xu forcibly squeezed himself inside. “Brother Ye! Brother Ye! Let’s dance!”

Tang Xinghuo showed his distaste. “Please, who wants to dance with a guy like you?!”

Gong Xu looked indignant and said, “So what if I’m a guy? Who said two guys can’t dance together? At worst, I’ll dance the female part!”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched, and she directly ignored Gong Xu. She walked to Jiang Yanran and courteously extended her hand. “May I?”

Jiang Yanran’s fangirl heart nearly leaped out of her chest. She frantically nodded, placed her hand on Wanwan’s hand and followed Wanwan onto the dance floor.

Behind them, Gong Xu’s resentment was about to burst out in apparition-form. “They only see the new love smile but never hear the old love cry!!!”

Tang Xinghuo broke into loud laughter. “Why do you sound like some resentful concubine from an emperor’s harem?”

“You’re the resentful concubine! Your whole family is resentful concubines! This young master is the empress!”

Gong Xu glared at Tang Xinghuo before scurrying to Han Xianyu for justice. “Brother Xianyu, don’t you think Brother Ye is being too biased?”

Han Xianyu was dazedly looking at the dance floor with a glass of red wine in his hand.

“Brother Xianyu, Brother Xianyu, what are you looking at? Did you hear what I said?”

Only then did Han Xianyu turn to look at him. “What did you say?”

Gong Xu’s face darkened. “Forget it, forget it. I’m done with you! Your mind hasn’t been online the entire day!”

Han Xianyu’s brows raised. “My mind hasn’t been online tonight?”

Fei Yang bobbed his head with a wine glass of his own. “It hasn’t! Xianyu, are you alright?”

Something felt weird to him…

Ye Wanwan had finished dancing a song with Jiang Yanran and was returning.

As soon as they left the dance floor, a cute girl with sweet looks ran toward Ye Wanwan.

This girl was one of the nominees of the Golden Orchid Award for Best Actress this year—Han Qingling,

“D-director Ye, hello…” Han Qingling shy greeted.

Ye Wanwan looked at her. “Hello!”

Han Qingling’s cheeks were red, and she turned to look at a spot behind her.

There were several celebrities standing together who were currently heckling and teasing her.

Han Qingling took a deep breath and finally gathered her courage to ask, “U-um… Director Ye, can you give me your… your private phone number?”

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