Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1174 - What's the difference between that and a sheep entering a tiger's den?

Chapter 1174: What’s the difference between that and a sheep entering a tiger’s den?

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Ye Wanwan said, “Go. Why wouldn’t we go?”

They needed to use this opportunity to rebuild their connections as quickly as possible.

There was no need to be on bad terms with the Film Association.

Ye Mufan nodded without hesitation. “OK! Dong Zai, turn around! We’re going to the banquet!”

The car slowly turned around, and Ye Wanwan added, “Go slower. Safety is most important.”

They did have to go, but they should still put on the proper airs required.

Gong Xu turned anxious as soon as he heard that they were going to the banquet. “Go to what banquet?! Who knows how late it will finish?! When will I finally see Little Candied Plum? How about this—you can all go, but Brother Ye will help me ask Little Candied Plum out so I can go see Little Candied Plum!”


“Why not?”

“…” Because I don’t know how to be in two places at once.

Fei Yang broke into loud laughter and teased, “Why else! Of course Brother Ye doesn’t feel safe about letting you see his sister by yourself! What’s the difference between that and a sheep entering a tiger’s den? You’re too delusional!”

“Nonsense! Am I someone like that?”

“You 100% are, alright? Unless you turned gay!”

“You’re gay! Your whole family is gay! This young master is the straightest person in the world!”

Gong Xu loudly protested for the entire journey but had no choice to unwillingly follow the group to the banquet’s venue.

As soon as they arrived at the entrance, they saw two staff members from the organizer standing there, anxiously looking around.

“What should we do, what should we do? Are they here yet?” one of them incessantly urged.

“They aren’t!” The other person was also drenched in sweat since there was a whole hall of people waiting.

“Have you called them yet? Are you sure they’re coming?”

“The president said he called already!”

“Ah, please come! If they didn’t, that’d be so embarrassing! Everyone is waiting inside! What a joke would it be if the Best Actors and Best Actress didn’t show up?”

The other person instantly complained, “You have no one but yourself to blame! Why didn’t you treat them more politely back then?”

“D*mn! How’s it my fault? I was just listening to orders!”

While the two people argued, a black minibus slowly parked near them.

Their eyes brightened immediately and they sprinted forward to receive them.

“Ah, you’re all finally here! Excuse us for not going out to meet you, please generously pardon us! Please enter quickly!”

Ye Mufan was the first to exit the van. He fixed his lapels and pretended to be hesitant. “But we don’t have invitations. Can we enter?”

Embarrassment overcame the staff members’ faces. “Of course you can enter! Why would your group need invitations?! Just show your face! Showing your face is enough!”

“Right right right! Showing your face is enough!”

A cold glint flitted through Ye Mufan’s eyes, but he knew when to stop. He opened the van’s back door.

Luo Chen stepped out of the van, and then it was Gong Xu who was dragged out by Fei Yang.

After Han Xianyu got out, he didn’t leave immediately. He placed his hand below the roof of the van and guided Ye Wanwan as she got out. Then, Ye Wanwan helped Jiang Yanran out of the van.

When Fei Yang caught Han Xianyu’s considerate actions, he was briefly startled.

Eh, he even especially helped them protect their head…? Did he have to be so gentle?

With every person that got out of the van, the staff members’ eyes grew brighter. They didn’t even blink.

In a short amount of time, the tag “Heavenly Group of Breathtaking Beauties” had become one of the hottest searches on the internet. The impact was even greater when the staff members saw them in such close proximity.

Meanwhile, inside the banquet hall, the senior management members of the organizer all didn’t look so good as they glanced at the hall entrance frequently.

Why haven’t they arrived yet?

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